Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Weekly Report

A busy week indeed. Started with a slightly embarrassing meeting with an actor first thing monday morning. We were half way through the meeting and I was thinking he'd be great for the role, he was probably thinking the same thing. It was only after the small talk when we eventually came to talk about the character that we realised we were both thinking about two different characters! Awkward moment to say the least!

My fault entirely! I had been rushing around so much I didn't check the first emails he sent to me and went on the conversation we had the week before where the actor seemed to express an interest in the character I came associate him with. 

I tried to allay the awkwardness by offering the role I felt he was suited for, but alas no, he had his mind set on the lead and that was that. Nice man though, I'm sure I'll call on him in the future.

Then there was the fundraiser and all that entailed. Posters and tickets and sponsors and begging all the things I hate the most! Well, not really, it was fine, it's just a pain. When I'm wearing myself out doing something I don't really like, like graphic design, printing, distribution, walking into businesses and asking for free stuff, I often wonder why I can't just write and make films? Why do I have to do all this stuff first? Then I realise it's because I'm an independent filmmaker and if want to make the films I want to make then I have to do everything and anything I can to make that happen. And then I stop complaining and get on with the job!

I was on the Radio then, while fighting food poisoning, uncomfortable to say the least! Never reheat previously reheated food. I know this. I was just hungry. Man did I pay for it! Of course in my discomfort I forgot to mention the sponsors of the fundraiser! Sorry about that The Wine Buff, Kodak Express, The Salthouse, The Droichaed Arts Centre and Beulah Print. 

Then of course came 140. A simple idea that is of course turning out to be much more work then I had imagined! Elliot Kotek, friend and colleague, answered my call for help by sending out an email to 60 filmmakers. In the following 2 days 20 answered. 

So it became a busy time of trying to email everyone back, create up-to-the-minute lists, researching filmmakers, creating link, answering questions, writing posts, designing posters, sticking pins in a big map and getting very excited that this simple idea I had seemed to be taking off and inspiring fellow filmmakers around the world. For that reason the work seem less a chore and more like a rush of exhilaration. 

Of course there was also Slán agus Beannacht, which kind of got left in the dust of 140 this week, even though the fundraiser is in aid of S&B. I managed to get a re-write done on the script, changed a significant element, always trying to make each moment more poignant and resonant and take the characters to the very limit of experience, even in such a simple story, so I was happy with that. New scene too which may or may not stay, depending on time. Will require another location. But I think it's important scene. Shows how the world of the main character is changing and how this world he is fighting against is encroaching on every part of his life, even in the safest places. 

I managed to get two important locations locked. I was supposed to view the hospital location on Wednesday but that was postponed until next week sometime. So hopefully it will fit. I'm sure it will, heck, we'll make it fit! Would be nice if we could get into the hospital around the corner, but I don't think that's going to be a possibility. They made national news a couple of weeks ago for have 40 people on gurneys in the halls and in the waiting room because they didn't have any room! 

So everything seems to be on track. I'll need to start concentrating on S&B a whole lot more and get everything locked down for that. Some help would be nice! I'm still doing all of this on my own. There have been a few head spinning moment this week. But that's not to be just yet, so on I go. 

I still have five parts to cast in that film! Jeez! Two teenagers for background, but they will have involved action to do. Mr. Smith, an elderly lady with 3 significant scenes. Liam, the rent collector who gets mugged, and his wife Ann, both important and vital roles that require good actors delivering strong performances. Well, no point pondering about it, just have to get on and do it. 

The cherry on the cake came late last night when I received and email from Expresión en Corto International Film Festival in Mexico inviting Bill, For Short to screen at the festival and inviting me to attend! So that was nice! 

Busy week indeed, but all good! Should be a quiet day today, a friends birthday party tonight. Photo shoot tomorrow with External Sounds, hopefully they'll show up on time, unlike last time! Which actually was fine because I ended up taking half the photos that went into my exhibition while I waited!!! So maybe it would work better for me if they were late!

Then Monday again and back to work.

More updates soon. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a morning!!!

It's been quite a  morning I must say. Elliot Kotek, the fine fellow that he is, has spread the word about the 140 project, and as a testoment to the kind of fine fellow he is, I awoke to an inbox full of emails from talented filmmakers form all over America, and indeed the world, wanting to take part in this project.

First I should tell you what the plan is. I've been keeping it under wraps until more people came onboard, but now we're at 20+ I feel I can. 

Film-makers - Locations - Seconds
Filmmakers of the world (and Twitter) Unite. 

140 filmmakers from around the world will join together on Twitter for a very unique film project, of global proportions.

Via Twitter we will converge from our respective cities around the world and await the signal. That signal will come from me. The filmmakers will commit to being by their computers, laptops, mobile phones at the designated time, whatever it may be, whether it be 2am, 3am, 11pm, 5pm, 8am… you get the idea!

When the signal is given we will all film at the same time and in the expedient spirit of Twitter we must only film 140 seconds. The same 140 seconds the world over.

This is about connection. Look at how the Internet connects us, how twitter presents a unique way to be a part of someone’s life as it happens. Connection.

So capture what connects you to your home. Whether it be landscapes, cityscapes, the wind in the trees, cars on the highway, a lover sleeping, or making tea, the smile of a child or laugh of a friend… whatever it may be. What is special about your home? What connects you to it? And can you capture that in 140 seconds?

The filmmakers then send the footage to me, uncut. I will cut it to a feature length visual dedication to our homes and the 140 seconds that connected us.

I will make each segment available online in its entirety at a later date. A world map will be displayed, so a user can click on your home and view you 140 seconds.

Everyone will be credited as Directors in their cities. If you feel up to the challenge then join Twitter today and follow me, frankwkelly and await updates.


Frank Kelly – Director – Drogheda – Ireland

Where are you from?

The filmmaker who have joined to date are:

Name – Location – Twitter handle


1. Frank Kelly - Drogheda, Ireland – frankwkelly

2. Elliot Kotek - LA, USA

3. Gustavo Ron - Madrid, Spain

4. Iulia Rugina - Bucharest, Romania – iulia_rugina

5. Santana Issar - Mumbai, India

6. Varda Hardy - LA, USA

7. Anna Christopher - LA USA

8. James Gross - Indianapolis, USA – 1stswashbuckler

9. Shannon Mullins – Indianapolis, USA – thirteenthman

10. Laura Kidd - London, UK – warriorgirl

11. Ryan Little & Adam Abel - Utah, USA

12. Luis Sosa – Mexico City, Mexico – luis_sosa

13. Chris Ford – Mill Valley, CA, USA - hotshave

14. Marc Havener – Lawrence, KS, USA - yohaves

15. Alice Brooks – Biddeford, Maine, USA - alicebrooks

16. Margaret Johnson – San Francisco, USA - maggiejca

17. Marina Blanco – Southern CA, USA

18. Jon Fitzgerald – Venice Beach, CA, USA

19. Lisa Gornick – Kentish Town, London, UK

20. Chris Billing – Washington DC, USA

21. Robert Sucato – Phoenix, Arizona, USA

22. Jill Carter – Toronto, Canada - jillcarter

23. Guy Shahar – NYC, USA - viteforguy

24. Michael Albanese – LA, USA - mivialarts

25: Rob Sorrenti – London, England – monsoon130

26: Oskar Thor Axelsson - Reykjavik, Iceland

27. Emily Best – Brooklyn, MYC, USA – emilybest

28. Trampas Thompson – Los Angeles, USA

29. Mairin DeBarra – Dublin, Ireland – mdebarra

30. Gavan Muprhy – Marino, Ireland – touchmeimhappy

31. Brent Gudgel – Pasedena, USA - brentgudgel

32. Markus Görgens– Berlin, Germany - schattenwandler

So that's the shape of things so far. More filmmakers are joining daily, even as I type this emails are coming in! 

I feel like I've started something special and it is already becoming bigger then me. I know it's going to be something quite special for all involved. And even though it's on a global scale, it's going to be something personal and intimate for everyone involved and I think that will come across in the final piece as we endeavor to capture a few moments of our entire planet, connected in a single vision.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fundraiser Interview

Oops! Slight error, sorry Daire and Gerry! I was on the Daire Nelson Show.


Thanks for having me on Daire, nice to talk to you as always. Nice to get the chance to be able to talk about the new film and promote the fundraiser.

New podcasts up: Episode 11 and Episode 12

12 is the interview. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


On the radio tomorrow. Gerry Kelly Show I think! At 12:15pm, there abouts. Tune in to 95.8fm or click listen live at 
LMFM: listen live
I'll be talking about the new film and the fundraiser and who nows what else! Should be good. 

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Meet the cast... so far!

Paschal Scott as Pat - Gerry Shanahan as Charlie - Tony Leddy as Ewan

Shane Murray-Corcoran as Teen - Noel Kelly as Brian - Eric O'Brien as Teen 2

There are a few more parts to cast: Liam, Ann, Mrs. Smith, Teen 3 & 4! But we're making progress and I'm excited about the cast so far and how everything is coming together.

Monday, February 16, 2009


A good day today, got plenty done. Managed to arrange the fundraiser pretty much. Venue booked and almost all acts, one or two more to confirm. So far...

Movie Fundraiser
McHugh's Venue
Thurs 5th March 
9pm - €15
 featuring Comedian
and local musician

More acts to be confirmed
Prize Draws All Night Long!!!

Where to Start?!

Many things to be getting on with this week. Where to start?! 

I'm organising a fundraiser for the film. I have a couple of people attached, but I'll wait until it's all confirmed to advertise it or tell you more. But there's a few nuts still to tighten! 

I'm also putting together a proposal to attract local sponsorship. I don't know how successful I'll be but at least I've had some professional advice! Thanks Claire Norton of the Heartland Film Festival for some great ideas.

Still some actors to talk to and cast on S&B, which is fast approaching. Still some work to to there. I'd like to have another look at the script and tighten that up and also do some storyboards, just to get it clear in my head. I also have some location work to do and I have to confirm two venues! 

I'm slightly worn out after Paris! It was four days of non-stop activities, which involved alot of walking! The Metro is great, but Paris is still big! Got home late on Saturday having missed our flight (had to wait in the CDG airport for 5 hours! Forced to buy coffees for €8.50!) Had something of a lie in yesterday but was off again to go see a 3D screening of Coraline as part of the Dublin Film Festival in Dundrum, so that was a walk to the train station, a train, a walk to the Luas line and a Luas! Tired, hungry and thirsty we sat down to watch the movie, which was fantastic!

I thought it was wonderfully unusual, the 3D was great and fun, but secondary to a very good film, beautifully made and told in a very dark and satisfying way. It really is wonderful to see films like this being made for kids. Reminds me of the edgier Henson films like Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, which were scary and creepy. Not like the homogenised pasteurised paste they make for children these days (Pixar excluded).  

As Neil Gaiman (author of the book the film was based on) said during the Q&A, films are being made for kids these days that act as a distraction from life, they're something you can sit a child infront of and not have to worry about them being afraid, or engaged, or educated, or have them ask questions after. 

It's important to allow children to be challenged, to find out for themselves what they're afraid of. Allow them to hide behind the couch if something scares them and to return when the wicked witch is gone. It helps shape their minds, helps them form opinions, decide for themselves what they can take and it makes them braver. Don't fast forward the scary parts! No. I think nightmares are like chicken pocks, its better to get them young and deal with them then, because if you have to deal with them when you're older it much much worse.

I think the problem is that most adult forget what it was like to be a kid. I remember vividly. I saw American Werewolf in London when I was 8 or 9. It did me no harm. In fact, I loved it, I still love that film and I have fond memories of hiding behind the couch terrified, but feeling safe because my dad was with me (I only found out years later that he was as terrified as I was!:)

It opened my eyes to what film could do and how interactive it could be as a medium. Perhaps that's not what I was think aged 9 hiding behind a cushion! But it informed something in me that has stayed with me to this day. I would not have had that experience if my parents hadn't trusted me and allowed me to take that step.

Well, back to work I guess. Have to get my head into gear. Alot to do this week. Starts now. Exciting updates to come, keep watching. And hopefully there will be a podcast soon! Sorry for the delay. Also, big announcement on a very very exciting new film project coming soon, I may have mentioned it before, it's going to be called 140 and all will be revealed soon. I want to get a few people attached first and then there'll be a big press release. 

More soon. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shh, it's a secret!

Busy couple of days working on S&B. Couple more actors cast. I wont say more until I have the full list and then I'll do a full post on everyone and who they are. 

Trying to organise a fundraiser at the moment. Just starting. Might be tight. But hopefully I'll be able to pull it off. Should it happen I will also post results! 

While paying a visit to the local council offices today I found the absolute perfect location for the said same office in my script, I mean exactly as I pictured it! I must have been in there before and forgot, it must have seeped into my subconscious! Anyway, I have to try to get it! I don't know how, but I have to... contacts called upon, favours called in... whatever it takes!

Lots of what I'm going to do! Something about what I am doing...

As mentioned below I have a new film project which I'm going to do through Twitter. I spoke with my friend Elliot Kotek last night, brainstormed a little, he likes the idea but offered some suggestion on refining it, ll good, all taken on board and soon I will be able to reveal all! It's gonna be good... it's gonna be big!!!

Jeez! I'm very secretive tonight! 

Not much writing had been done the last few nights. I was on a role with the Cats of the Crescent, but it stalled. Nothing to do with block, just got busy and distracted. With S&B thundering down the track I may not get back to it until after the film is shot. Which is OK. Might be a good way to unwind, clear my thoughts for the edit. 

Nothing more on Night I'm afraid. Once again time is not on our side. I haven't spoken to Thomas so I'm not sure how work on 'No Man's Land' is progressing. When I know, you'll know.

That's all for now. Hopefully more exciting news soon, both on S&B and the mystery project. 

Be talking to ye! 

Monday, February 09, 2009

Lights, Camera, Twitter...

I'm seeking 140 filmmakers from all around the world. In as many countries, cities, towns, villages as possible to join me for a very unique film project. 

First things first, if you're at all intrigued or interested you have to follow me on Twitter!

Go to Twitter sign up and find me: frankwkelly. Then follow me. We'll take it from there. 

I don't know how long this is going to take, or if it's even going to work. But if it does I reckon it's going to be something quite special.

More information will be revealed in due course!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Gremlins and Twitterings and other such utterings

Well, the screening last night was an unmitigated disaster! First off it was storming outside, strong bitting cold wind, driving rain! Anyway, braved that, ventured on. Arrived to find that they were having problems with the dvd, skipping like crazy, every few seconds. And the spare had disappeared! I didn't have one with me so there was nothing I could do!

They cleaned it with some solution and tried it again, it seemed to do the trick. On with the show.

Tony introduced me and I introduced the film to a substantial crowd of about 70 people. Then sat down to watch the film skip like crazy again. Embarrassing to say the least. I watched for a couple of minutes, hoping it would rectify itself, it did not. So I went up to the booth and called a halt to proceedings. I didn't want to audience sitting through that. Nothing more annoying then a dvd skipping like that, well, there is, being forced to watch it! 

Apologised to the audience and trotted on my way home back through the icy wind and driving rain, back home to the fire and my wife and the dog. Better.

Just one of those things, no ones fault, gremlins in the machine. They run a very sensitive dvd player that skips on anything, unlike most domestic players that could play a ham sandwich if you were so inclined. 

It's been posponed until  the 17th, so that cool.

Meantime I have lots to get on with. I'm writing a casting call for S&B again. Need to get moving on that quickly. Shooting in 7 1/2 weeks! Yikes!

I'm also back working on The Cats of the Crescent (fantasy Novel), which I'm enjoying. I hit a wall at the end of chapter 6 about 6 months ago or more, then got distracted with Bill stuff and of course the wedding! But I sat down to it two nights ago and blasted out chapter 7 and 8 and am now well into chapter 9, about 22 pages in the last two days. So it's going well and I'm enjoying the process again. There'll be a lot of rewriting at the end of it, but I think it'll be good. Hopefully an agent and/or publisher will think the same!

Of course I've been supremely distracted with Twitter... just another thing to add onto the pile atop Myspace, Facebook, Blogger and whatever the hell else there is! Still, it's fun. I enjoyed Stephen Fry's lift adventure last night - he got stuck! It became very funny when Graham Linehan got in on the action! Very Amusing. Right now Danny Wallace is sticking bananas in a video slot in the waiting room of the Richard and Judy show! Would he be doing this if Twitter did not exist? Who knows?

OK back to work, more later.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Writing Out West

Remembering last year. April. Bannack Ghost Town, Montana. Sunny, but cold and windy and beautiful. Taking a moment to write outside the Meade Hotel on Main Street.

Burying Treasure

Some 41 ancient bodies were discovered by the river Boyne here last week. While digging foundations for a new shopping centre (Like that's really needed) they came across what is believed to be an ancient burial ground dating back 4000 years. You'll no mention of it in any national news.

Work has stalled on the site while the archaeologic excavation goes on. But I can't image it will be halted forever. Begs the question, what's going to happen these bodies? What's going to happen this site? Most likely - the bodies will be moved and the site cemented over and the shopping centre will go ahead as planned. 

When they were building the previous centre down there, Scotch Hall, another ancient site was discovered. Apparently promises were made to preserve the site and display them through glass floors. Never happened. The site are lost. Buried again. Perhaps even destroyed.

That's Ireland Baby, we're concreting our heritage and history to keep up with the Jones' even though we're completely broke. 

I don't get it. I really don't. We have such a rich and ancient culture, that we're still connected to in many ways, that is diverse and unique and beautiful, yet we continue to destroy it. Allowing the complacent politicians, the greedy land owners and the ignorant developers to bulldoze the very soul of this country. 

Right now, the way things are, the last thing we need is another shinny white building full of empty stores selling the same goods and the other 50 stores in the centre next door. What we do need is to remember who we are as a people, where we came from and realise that our routes go much deeper the the flimsy cracked surface of commercialism.

If we're going to bury our past, shouldn't be for more then shopping?

I know it's slightly off the topic of film! And perhaps I'm forcing my own political, social diatribe down your throat dear reader, but it's something I feel strongly about, perhaps something worth doing something about. Perhaps, along with the idea behind Bill, For Short and the factories, there is a bigger story waiting to be told.