Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Burying Treasure

Some 41 ancient bodies were discovered by the river Boyne here last week. While digging foundations for a new shopping centre (Like that's really needed) they came across what is believed to be an ancient burial ground dating back 4000 years. You'll no mention of it in any national news.

Work has stalled on the site while the archaeologic excavation goes on. But I can't image it will be halted forever. Begs the question, what's going to happen these bodies? What's going to happen this site? Most likely - the bodies will be moved and the site cemented over and the shopping centre will go ahead as planned. 

When they were building the previous centre down there, Scotch Hall, another ancient site was discovered. Apparently promises were made to preserve the site and display them through glass floors. Never happened. The site are lost. Buried again. Perhaps even destroyed.

That's Ireland Baby, we're concreting our heritage and history to keep up with the Jones' even though we're completely broke. 

I don't get it. I really don't. We have such a rich and ancient culture, that we're still connected to in many ways, that is diverse and unique and beautiful, yet we continue to destroy it. Allowing the complacent politicians, the greedy land owners and the ignorant developers to bulldoze the very soul of this country. 

Right now, the way things are, the last thing we need is another shinny white building full of empty stores selling the same goods and the other 50 stores in the centre next door. What we do need is to remember who we are as a people, where we came from and realise that our routes go much deeper the the flimsy cracked surface of commercialism.

If we're going to bury our past, shouldn't be for more then shopping?

I know it's slightly off the topic of film! And perhaps I'm forcing my own political, social diatribe down your throat dear reader, but it's something I feel strongly about, perhaps something worth doing something about. Perhaps, along with the idea behind Bill, For Short and the factories, there is a bigger story waiting to be told.  

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Graham McBride said...

Wow Frank never heard anything about this??? It is a shame man I wont recognize my country when I come home to live there...