Sunday, July 05, 2015

I Am Ireland - 5 Easy Steps.

I've put together a list of 5 Easy Steps for what you'll need to do to take part in for I Am Ireland. Also some hints and tips and talking points. I think sometimes I forget that not everyone is as used to talking about themselves on camera as I am!!! I do like to talk about myself ;)  So I figured I'd make it easy.

Now we're in July time for submission is getting close, end of August. I'm hoping to get about 40 people to submit clips. And preferably people from all over the world, rather than on concentrated area. But i'll also take what comes.

So have a read of the new poster. If you have any questions you can follow any of the links at the bottom of the poster and you'll be able to get me. You can also comment here, or hit the Contact button on the right.

And go to the vimeo page,, and watch the video, there are more examples of what to do and hints and tips. Thanks!

And again, here's a clip I did about my experience. I get cut off at the end, but you get the idea! Enjoy!