Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Joe & Sarah Premiere

The premiere of Joe & Sarah happened on Friday night as part of the first annual Ablevision Ireland Film Festival. It was a great night, and a great event. The day started early for me as I was the first workshop of the event too. I held an hour long talk about making films with little or no budget. There was a good crowd in, with some other groups setting out to make their own films. So hopefully it was informative.

Later was the main reception at the Droichead Arts Centre, great to be back there so soon after screening Derelict. There was a great crowd in, nearly a full house. Great vibe in the room too. First screened the 6 finalists, which were great, all from different parts of the country. Then Joe & Sarah. It got a great reaction, really did, in fact probably the best reaction to a film I've ever had! Which was nice. Seeing your film on the big screen is always a thrill, but for me, this time, is was more of a thrill to sit beside Stephen and Anne and watch their reaction to seeing themselves up there! Amazing.

There was a Q&A with me, Stephen and Anne! And a presentation of framed posters of the movie (above), which was an unexpected surprise. It was truly an honour to be part of this project. I think everyone involved did a fantastic job. The fact that we pulled this together from scratch in 6 to 8 weeks is phenomenal! Proud of everyone.

Great night!
Drogheda Leader Article

The Trailer for Joe & Sarah.