Friday, June 26, 2015

Brown Sauce and Tipsy Cake

One of the many nice things about being an Irish Immigrant is that sometimes your Mammy comes to visit! I haven't done any film work the last two weeks as my Mam is in town from Ireland. It's her first time in America and over a year and a half since we all saw each other in the flesh. She goes back in a couple of days, but it's been a great visit (apart from everyone getting Colds and scuppering a lot of plans!). In her case were the usual array of delights from home, chef brown sauce, lyons tea bags, cadbury's purple snacks and even a tipsy cake! Yum!!!

So I should be back on track soon with my current projects. The first of course being 'I Am Ireland'. I have to follow up with a lot of people who expressed interest in getting involved. I need to spread the word a little more. I'm also planning to cut together a small sample clip to show what the end doc might look like. Composer Dermot O'Mahony is currently working on a piece for the film, which will accompany the proof of concept. It will give people a good example of what they're getting involved in.

Speaking of proof of concept, I recently finished the script for 'One Day in December', the proof of concept for '10 Days in December'. It's going well. I'm happy with it. It's a difficult one though, trying to write something that is a teaser for a feature film, yet a self contained short film that can stand on it's own. I had hoped to shoot that in Ireland in December. It could still be a possibility, but as we start to head toward the September launch at work, it's looking like we're going to be super busy, so I don't know how much prep I can put into a film from this side.

One thought however occurred to me, if I do not shoot in December and push it to the new year, would it worth shooting at all? Maybe it would be best to focus completely on the script for the feature and put all my energy into making that happen. I'll see how it goes though. I'm still working on the script. I want to get that right before making any decisions on shooting. But even if I don't shoot the short, it won't be a waste, writing the short script has really helped me with finding a scripture and pace to the story and characters.

In other news, my Tom & Jerry episode is well under way. I'm not sure when it will be broadcast, but rest assured, you will be the first to know! As you know I've been publishing a chapter of my Novel FLOAT every Friday night (one coming later today). This book is all ready written, so I won't be running out of steam on it. I'm also looking at writing several film ideas I have as novels going forward. I have so many, and I know not all of them are going to get made, but I think they're good stories worth sharing, so I want to get them down and out. Watch this space!