Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Nights Watch

It's been a busy week, spreading the word about Kickstarter and it's going well. Today we are at $775 I'm happy to report, 6 days in 34 to go. I think that's pretty good going. Hopefully we'll make our total!

Cast News:

Rory Mullen, who will be playing Laurence, the bank manager, in Derelict, recently won a Best Actor Award at the first Attic Studio Awards in Dublin for his roll in the short film 'Spoon' (by director Declan Cassidy, the film was shot in Drogheda.) Well done Rory!

Rory Mullen receives Best Actor nod.
Geeking out a bit about this one! But Brian Fortune, who is set to play The Hooded Man (as he is reffered to in the script) will appear in Episode 7 of the new hit HBO series Game of Thrones as one of the Night's Watch.

Brian Fortune as part of the Night's Watch in HBO's 'Game of Thrones'
I've been watching the show and really enjoying it and not being bias when I say the Night's Watch segment of the show is my favourite part, I just want the whole show to be set there! Set up North, in the wilderness, in the snow, with the early promise of Die Wolves and White Walkers... well, it's right up my street! Well done Brian!

Dates Locked:

I'd locked the dates at last. September 19 - 30, which includes a full week of rehearsal and a week of shooting.

I hadn't locked dates before because I was trying to accommodate schedules, so if someone had a paying gig I would move the dates, I figured it only fair considering I was asking people to work for free. But it has proved to be my downfall. Without solid dates it simply left people unsure I think, so they're going to take work when and where they can, not wait for me to maybe shoot in September, Depending on whether so and so is able...

Worth noting I think. Set your dates. Stick to them. If people can't do it then so be it. Get someone who can. But the film is much more likely to get made. So that's when we're going. By hook or by crook!

That all to report at the moment. Please head on over the kickstarter and pledge if you can, loads of cool perks to avail of - DVDs, T-Shirts, exclusive art cards, Film Credits and more. If you feel you can't pledge (I know times are hard) then sharing is caring! If you put a link on your facebook page and send people my way it may benefit us even more! You never know who's watching!

I'd also like to thank everyone who has donated so far: Brendan Carty, Deb Stone, Victoria Charters, Elliot Kotek, Donal Black, Oisin Prendiville, Farah Azalea, David Brennan, Trevi Productions, Terry Whittingham and Niamh O'Donnell! You guys are awesome!!! Thanks.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Kickstarter LIVE!

The Derelict Kickstarter page is up and running! Drop by for a look, there's an exclusive pitch video that includes location scout footage and three scenes from our last rehearsal, so pretty cool. I'll continue to update the page with videos and photos.

ONLY 40 DAYS TO GO!!! Mid-Night on June 30th is the Deadline! So I have 40 days to raise $3000! Can it be done? I certainly hope so! I think we're better placed than last time, we're fully cast, we've had a couple of readings, some rehearsal, the script is more developed and there is some money there, following the success fundraiser and a large private donation.

Any amount people pledge will be hugely helpful, it all adds up! But sharing too will help us get the film going, copy and paste this link to you twitter feed or facebook page and help get the word out!

I'll keep you posted on how things go. Thanks in advance for you support!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I've got a think about old mills.

Busy this week getting back on track. Been a little distracted of late. But I think things are on track again. Derelict is shaping up. I still have some work to do on the new draft and new angle, but a couple of weeks should see that right. Richie and I took a drive to Dunleer, a small village just outside Drogheda to look at a mill he heard tell of. Turns out it was a great place, we had a good look around and it certainly had potential. Might be a little small. But could work if push came to shove.

Atmospheric buildings.
In an attempt to build some momentum, get some buzz going and get some much needed funds in, I am launching a new Kickstarter drive! I've been working on the page for the last couple of days. I uploaded a pitch video which contains a location scout of the afore mentioned Mill and three scenes from the rehearsal we had a few weeks back, so some interesting stuff in there. The page goes LIVE this Friday! And I begin another drive to raise $3000 (about €2000).

Location Scout in Dunleer

It will go a long way to help getting the film made. The thing about Kickstarter of course is that if I don't raise the money I get NOTHING! NADA! ZILCH! That's right - Not. A. Penny. Even if I get £2999.99, they wont release the funds and no one will be charged (that's another thing, if you pledge the money doesn't come out right away, it's on hold until the full amount is raised) Anyway, yeah so - nothing! 
But I kinda like that. It's a good incentive. I found with IndieGoGo, where you get the money right away, there were too many charges and a huge amount was shaved off a small amount. This way is like saving up.

Checking out the Mill Wheel (still in operation)
So that's this Friday, 20th. Then the blitz begins!

I hope it's success. I've given myself until mid-night on June 30th. I figure that's enough time to be annoying people. Also, from experience, it takes a long time to get the money from America to here. Last time it took me two whole months! (Banks just Suck!) So I've given myself enough time before we shoot. Which, by the way, is still set for the start of September.

So more news and links on Friday. Stay Tuned!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

A Fine Figure of a Day

I woke up Thursday morning to an unexpected email. It was from someone who had attended my fundraiser a couple of weeks ago. They explained that they had a wonderful time and were encouraged to see that such things were happening in the town, which was nice to hear.

The person went on to say they were involved with a local organisation (who have asked to remain anonymous) that sometimes help people like me, people trying to do something creative, constructive and generally positive in the community. So they wanted to make a donation toward the film. Great!

I called them right away to thank them and we set a meeting for that very afternoon. So I popped down to their office just after 3pm and met with the lady who emailed and the director of the association. We chatted for a little while and then they handed me a sealed white envelope. I thought it rude to open it in front of them. I kind of wish I had! My gratitude and enthusiasm might have been more!

I went straight to my bank to deposit it. I opened it while in line expecting to see an amount somewhere in the region of €100 to €200, I almost fell over when I read the words - one thousand euros and zero cents, and just to confirm I was reading it wrong, the figure €1000, in the small box on the right! Couldn't believe it! You could have knocked me over with a feather!

So between 10am and 4pm that day I had an email, an offer, a phone-call, a meeting, a donation and a cheque for €1000 in my bank account! Thank you very much indeed anonymous donor! You've basically given me one fifth of the budget I had in mind and got Derelict a huge step closer to production.

It certainly is encouraging. Not only because the film is that much closer to production, but the fact that people I don't know are paying attention to my work and have enough faith in me to make such a generous donation. It's a boost for the film and a huge boost for my own moral.

We are on the way!