Monday, March 19, 2012

Three for Free!

I've put two of my short films online. Now for the first time Emily's Song is available to watch for free. Emily's Song was my first short film, shot in 2005, released in 2006, went on to screen at 30 film fests around the world, won some awards, found distribution and was broadcast on RTE and Channel 4, as well as appearing on several 'Best of Fest' dvd boxsets.

Slan was shot in 2009 in the middle of production on 140, so I a little distracted and the film never got the push it deserved. However RTEs Nationwide did a feature on the subject of the film, the last of the rent collectors, and RTE picked it up for broadcast last year.

Warning: Contains images of Violence and Strong Language from the start.

Of course not forgetting that 140 is still available!

Enjoy! Comments and welcome, questions answered!

Addition: Or should I say, Subtraction - 140 is now for sale on Seed&Spark!