Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Gremlins and Twitterings and other such utterings

Well, the screening last night was an unmitigated disaster! First off it was storming outside, strong bitting cold wind, driving rain! Anyway, braved that, ventured on. Arrived to find that they were having problems with the dvd, skipping like crazy, every few seconds. And the spare had disappeared! I didn't have one with me so there was nothing I could do!

They cleaned it with some solution and tried it again, it seemed to do the trick. On with the show.

Tony introduced me and I introduced the film to a substantial crowd of about 70 people. Then sat down to watch the film skip like crazy again. Embarrassing to say the least. I watched for a couple of minutes, hoping it would rectify itself, it did not. So I went up to the booth and called a halt to proceedings. I didn't want to audience sitting through that. Nothing more annoying then a dvd skipping like that, well, there is, being forced to watch it! 

Apologised to the audience and trotted on my way home back through the icy wind and driving rain, back home to the fire and my wife and the dog. Better.

Just one of those things, no ones fault, gremlins in the machine. They run a very sensitive dvd player that skips on anything, unlike most domestic players that could play a ham sandwich if you were so inclined. 

It's been posponed until  the 17th, so that cool.

Meantime I have lots to get on with. I'm writing a casting call for S&B again. Need to get moving on that quickly. Shooting in 7 1/2 weeks! Yikes!

I'm also back working on The Cats of the Crescent (fantasy Novel), which I'm enjoying. I hit a wall at the end of chapter 6 about 6 months ago or more, then got distracted with Bill stuff and of course the wedding! But I sat down to it two nights ago and blasted out chapter 7 and 8 and am now well into chapter 9, about 22 pages in the last two days. So it's going well and I'm enjoying the process again. There'll be a lot of rewriting at the end of it, but I think it'll be good. Hopefully an agent and/or publisher will think the same!

Of course I've been supremely distracted with Twitter... just another thing to add onto the pile atop Myspace, Facebook, Blogger and whatever the hell else there is! Still, it's fun. I enjoyed Stephen Fry's lift adventure last night - he got stuck! It became very funny when Graham Linehan got in on the action! Very Amusing. Right now Danny Wallace is sticking bananas in a video slot in the waiting room of the Richard and Judy show! Would he be doing this if Twitter did not exist? Who knows?

OK back to work, more later.

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