Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Weekly Report

A busy week indeed. Started with a slightly embarrassing meeting with an actor first thing monday morning. We were half way through the meeting and I was thinking he'd be great for the role, he was probably thinking the same thing. It was only after the small talk when we eventually came to talk about the character that we realised we were both thinking about two different characters! Awkward moment to say the least!

My fault entirely! I had been rushing around so much I didn't check the first emails he sent to me and went on the conversation we had the week before where the actor seemed to express an interest in the character I came associate him with. 

I tried to allay the awkwardness by offering the role I felt he was suited for, but alas no, he had his mind set on the lead and that was that. Nice man though, I'm sure I'll call on him in the future.

Then there was the fundraiser and all that entailed. Posters and tickets and sponsors and begging all the things I hate the most! Well, not really, it was fine, it's just a pain. When I'm wearing myself out doing something I don't really like, like graphic design, printing, distribution, walking into businesses and asking for free stuff, I often wonder why I can't just write and make films? Why do I have to do all this stuff first? Then I realise it's because I'm an independent filmmaker and if want to make the films I want to make then I have to do everything and anything I can to make that happen. And then I stop complaining and get on with the job!

I was on the Radio then, while fighting food poisoning, uncomfortable to say the least! Never reheat previously reheated food. I know this. I was just hungry. Man did I pay for it! Of course in my discomfort I forgot to mention the sponsors of the fundraiser! Sorry about that The Wine Buff, Kodak Express, The Salthouse, The Droichaed Arts Centre and Beulah Print. 

Then of course came 140. A simple idea that is of course turning out to be much more work then I had imagined! Elliot Kotek, friend and colleague, answered my call for help by sending out an email to 60 filmmakers. In the following 2 days 20 answered. 

So it became a busy time of trying to email everyone back, create up-to-the-minute lists, researching filmmakers, creating link, answering questions, writing posts, designing posters, sticking pins in a big map and getting very excited that this simple idea I had seemed to be taking off and inspiring fellow filmmakers around the world. For that reason the work seem less a chore and more like a rush of exhilaration. 

Of course there was also Slán agus Beannacht, which kind of got left in the dust of 140 this week, even though the fundraiser is in aid of S&B. I managed to get a re-write done on the script, changed a significant element, always trying to make each moment more poignant and resonant and take the characters to the very limit of experience, even in such a simple story, so I was happy with that. New scene too which may or may not stay, depending on time. Will require another location. But I think it's important scene. Shows how the world of the main character is changing and how this world he is fighting against is encroaching on every part of his life, even in the safest places. 

I managed to get two important locations locked. I was supposed to view the hospital location on Wednesday but that was postponed until next week sometime. So hopefully it will fit. I'm sure it will, heck, we'll make it fit! Would be nice if we could get into the hospital around the corner, but I don't think that's going to be a possibility. They made national news a couple of weeks ago for have 40 people on gurneys in the halls and in the waiting room because they didn't have any room! 

So everything seems to be on track. I'll need to start concentrating on S&B a whole lot more and get everything locked down for that. Some help would be nice! I'm still doing all of this on my own. There have been a few head spinning moment this week. But that's not to be just yet, so on I go. 

I still have five parts to cast in that film! Jeez! Two teenagers for background, but they will have involved action to do. Mr. Smith, an elderly lady with 3 significant scenes. Liam, the rent collector who gets mugged, and his wife Ann, both important and vital roles that require good actors delivering strong performances. Well, no point pondering about it, just have to get on and do it. 

The cherry on the cake came late last night when I received and email from Expresión en Corto International Film Festival in Mexico inviting Bill, For Short to screen at the festival and inviting me to attend! So that was nice! 

Busy week indeed, but all good! Should be a quiet day today, a friends birthday party tonight. Photo shoot tomorrow with External Sounds, hopefully they'll show up on time, unlike last time! Which actually was fine because I ended up taking half the photos that went into my exhibition while I waited!!! So maybe it would work better for me if they were late!

Then Monday again and back to work.

More updates soon. Thanks for reading.

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