Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy New Screenplay!

93 Pages In

Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy new year!!! And what a year it's been. Completely hectic. Apart from everything else that was going on we had a few months full of getting 'One Day in December' ready. We were in full pre-production, so it was full on for a while. And had we raised the funding I'd be flying out tomorrow to start shooting, but it wasn't to be. But as I mentioned before, all is not lost and we are looking forward to a really exciting year, with the potential of shooting a feature film at the end of it. So this week I will be writing on "10 Days in December", our new feature film, which tells the full story of One Day. I am already 93 pages into the first draft and hopefully I will have a draft ready other people's eyes by March or April! So onwards! Here's to 2016 and getting 10 Days off the ground. 
Thank you again and again for your support this year, it was incredible and appreciated. A very Happy New year to you all.
Much Love
Frank & Maryann