Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Praise Be.

I just wanted to thank everyone who has pledged so far to the Derelict Kickstarter fund. The support of these people means everything to me as it means I'll be able to make my film! Patrons of the arts provide the life blood of the artist. Without their support we simple could not do what we do.

So my sincerest thanks to:

Debra Carty
Deb Stone
Niamh O'Donnell
Farah Azalea
Oisin Prenerville
David Brennan
Terry Whittingham
Elliot Kotek
Victoria Charters
Trevi Productions
Donal Black
Paul Quinn
Paul McGrath
Gavan Murphy
Damien Donnelly
Jennifer Hegarty
David Wolstencroft
Jason Butler

Thanks to all you guys for getting the Derelict Kickstarter campaign up to $1065!

I'm trying to get to $3000 and I have 21 days to go. The way Kickstarter works is that if I don't get the full amount I get nothing at all! So that 935 above isn't secure yet!!! I need more help and more generous individuals like those above to join the list and be a part of this project.

To do so head on over to Kickstarter and make a pledge, even if it's just $1! For that you get my thanks and a credit on the film, and you will have my sincerest thanks, because every penny counts with this!



I would also like to acknowledge the people who donated on Ghoster and then agreed to transfer their donations to Derelict when Ghoster stalled. There money is secure in my bank along with other donation received and as they gave through a crowd-funding website they will avail of the equivalent perk to the donation they made.

Graham McBride - $50 - Thank You Credit. Updates. Signed DVD.
Paul Gitschner - $100 - Thank You Credit. Updates. Signed DVD. Signed Poster.
Robert Zappia - $25 - Thank You Credit. Updates. Signed Art Card.
David Brennan - $25 - Thank You Credit. Updates. Signed Art Card.
Mairtin DeBarra - $25 - Thank You Credit. Updates. Signed Art Card.
Caroline Farrell - $50 - Thank You Credit. Updates. Signed DVD.
Jason van Genderen - $100 -  Thank You Credit. Updates. Signed DVD. Signed Poster.

Thanks Guys!!!

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