Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Nights Watch

It's been a busy week, spreading the word about Kickstarter and it's going well. Today we are at $775 I'm happy to report, 6 days in 34 to go. I think that's pretty good going. Hopefully we'll make our total!

Cast News:

Rory Mullen, who will be playing Laurence, the bank manager, in Derelict, recently won a Best Actor Award at the first Attic Studio Awards in Dublin for his roll in the short film 'Spoon' (by director Declan Cassidy, the film was shot in Drogheda.) Well done Rory!

Rory Mullen receives Best Actor nod.
Geeking out a bit about this one! But Brian Fortune, who is set to play The Hooded Man (as he is reffered to in the script) will appear in Episode 7 of the new hit HBO series Game of Thrones as one of the Night's Watch.

Brian Fortune as part of the Night's Watch in HBO's 'Game of Thrones'
I've been watching the show and really enjoying it and not being bias when I say the Night's Watch segment of the show is my favourite part, I just want the whole show to be set there! Set up North, in the wilderness, in the snow, with the early promise of Die Wolves and White Walkers... well, it's right up my street! Well done Brian!

Dates Locked:

I'd locked the dates at last. September 19 - 30, which includes a full week of rehearsal and a week of shooting.

I hadn't locked dates before because I was trying to accommodate schedules, so if someone had a paying gig I would move the dates, I figured it only fair considering I was asking people to work for free. But it has proved to be my downfall. Without solid dates it simply left people unsure I think, so they're going to take work when and where they can, not wait for me to maybe shoot in September, Depending on whether so and so is able...

Worth noting I think. Set your dates. Stick to them. If people can't do it then so be it. Get someone who can. But the film is much more likely to get made. So that's when we're going. By hook or by crook!

That all to report at the moment. Please head on over the kickstarter and pledge if you can, loads of cool perks to avail of - DVDs, T-Shirts, exclusive art cards, Film Credits and more. If you feel you can't pledge (I know times are hard) then sharing is caring! If you put a link on your facebook page and send people my way it may benefit us even more! You never know who's watching!

I'd also like to thank everyone who has donated so far: Brendan Carty, Deb Stone, Victoria Charters, Elliot Kotek, Donal Black, Oisin Prendiville, Farah Azalea, David Brennan, Trevi Productions, Terry Whittingham and Niamh O'Donnell! You guys are awesome!!! Thanks.

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