Monday, June 20, 2011

The Magic 5%

Derelict Kickstarter Page
As I write this, 5:30PM June 20th 2011, I have 9 days left on my kickstarter funding drive for Derelict. So far I have managed to raise $1565! Which is great, more then I made on my funding drive two months ago at the Highlanes gallery and more than the substantial donation I received right after that. But I stand to lose it all!

Kickstarter has a policy, I've mentioned it here time and again, it states that if you do not get the full amount, you get nothing, works as an incentive and I kinda like it... well, I did at the start, but now I'm in single digits and staring down the barrel of a gun, I'm not so sure anymore!!!

The script is going well, I've been writing all last week and all weekend (even with my daughter up all night teething and crying I managed to get a page here and there in the quiet moments!) So I'm feeling good about the project.

My hope is to have another reading in the location itself and film it, so everyone can get a feel for it and maybe I can even cut a rough version of the film together, which will help with further development of the script and may even be something to show investors in the project... will also just be good fun!

For me that's an important factor, Fun! Filmmaking at this level, the bottom rung of the ladder... that's if I'm even near a ladder! - is all about hustling, pulling favours, putting on community fundraisers, crowdfunding, being a one-man-band, so it gets tiring and I find myself questioning the reasons I'm doing this in the first place, it's certainly not for all of the above.

But that's the 95% that comes before the magic 5% when you do get to do what it's all about and every time I get a chance to get in that space I'm reminded why I go through the other crap. It's about getting in a room with a bunch of creative people and making something out of thin air that may entertain, educate, move, inspire people. That's why I do the rest of it. For that magic 5%.

So, back to Kickstarter. I really don't want to lose that $1500, I really would like to get the rest and make it to $3000! To lose it now would be such a blow. So I need to keep pushing it, to the final hour - Mid-night on June 30th. The next day my wife leaves for the states to attend her sisters wedding and me and my Daughter have 10 days alone. We'll already be sad. I don't want to be any more sad!

If I don't get this, honestly, the film really stands a chance of not getting made! I only have so much time to develop the script, find the rest of the crew and rehearse with the actors. I need to be concentrating on that and less on the fundraising! And time is of the essence for me as I have a huge personal deadline approaching. I can't keep delaying the shoot. So this could be it! Help. Is. Needed!

So, if you're reading this and think you can help, please do. $/€5 makes a difference, helps push us forward. $/€50 is huge boost and provides credits and freebies and inclusion in the process of making the film. - and spreading the word, recommending to friends, it's all good!

What's the money for? Insurance, equipment rental, travel expenses and food.

Thanks for you help! It's appreciated.

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