Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't forget your friends.

Just a quick blog about the importance of taping you social networking resources indies! Take nothing for granted. A couple of weeks ago I was getting a little burnt out on facebook, so I took a break, stayed more on twitter (which of course I love, 140 anyone?!) But had the notion that maybe I would stay over at twitter! Tonight I changed my mind and remembered the each are different and as important as the other.

The kickstarter fund had stalled at $1565, as the blog below states. So I put out a call to my friends on facebook, sent a message asking them to share a link and help get word out - they went a step further and began pledging, and we went from $1565 to $2022 in a couple of hours! It was unbelievable! I'm so appreciative and taken aback with the sudden outpouring of generosity and belief! Even though I haven't had much sleep in the last three nights I'm buzzing tonight... hence a blog at 1am!

There's still a way to go. I have 7 days to raise almost $1000. I'm not resting on my laurels. But I am thankful for tonight.

The moral, take nothing for granted, utilise what you have. Trust that your friends believe in you and will support you. Ask for help when you need it. Be grateful. Be thankful. And keep pushing, right to the end.


Update: June 22. Since last night the fund has gone up to $2737! So 91% funded with 6 days to go! Still $263 to raise though! - Sprint to the finish!

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