Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Kickstarter Success!

We did it! You did it! The Derelict Kickstarter funding drive is SUCCESSFUL!!! I'm thrilled, over the moon, ecstatic! I didn't think it was going to happen for a while there, but so many friends, acquaintances, associates and complete strangers came through to help me and help get this project off the ground.

Most of all this has been extremely encouraging. I've had a lot of positive feedback on the clip, people like the dialogue, love the cast and are intrigued by the scenes and want to see more. Well, there certain is more and thanks to this, and of course the other donation given, we're going to get to see it all realised.

I'm under no illusions mind you. It's still going to be a tough project to complete. When the kickstarter money comes through, what with fees and the exchange rate at the moment that $3000 should translate to about €2000. Along with what's in the bank, we'll have between three and four thousand. Still not a hell of a lot to make a feature film. But it's enough to make this film. It has to be.

There's still a lot to get organised. Including cast a new role. We unfortunately lost Andy Gallagher, who was to play, Andrew, the son. But the schedule of the film conflicted with the start date of his college course. I decided to try a little experiment and change the character of the son to that of a daughter. Adds a whole new dimension (less of a sausage fest as my wife said!) So I'm casting for that role - actresses who can play 16/17 year-old. (If you're an actress and you're reading this, hit the 'contact me' button on the right)

Equipment to get. Crew - very specifically a Sound Recordist! Anyone reading?! You know what to do.

We're able to get this film made because everyone is working for free. Because, as well as the generous people who have pledged to pay for insurance, equipment, expenses etc. there are the cast and crew, all of whom were the first to donate to this project, of their time and talent - so my thanks to them, always.

Next for me is to keep working on the script. I finished the new draft today, purely by conincidence. I'm going to spend a couple of days going over it before anyone gets their hands on it. After that we'll try and get together and begin some form of rehearsals, workshops, one on ones - whatever we can find the time to do. I do plan to hold a full rehearsal with all the cast in the location of the film, to get a feel for it, so everyone knows early on what we're up against. I'll also film it, so some teaser footage may appear in the coming months... maybe!

That's all for now. Just my thanks again to everyone who has pledged. Thank you all so much for helping get this film made. My thanks to everyone who perhaps couldn't afford to donate but still helped get the word out by sharing the link on their facebook walls and retweeting on twitter! I know for a fact one such wall post lead to a donation of $145! And another to a donation of $500!!! So in these situation, you may not think you can help because you can't pledge, but you can, getting the word out helps - you never know who's reading!

Ok, I'm off. I have a busy 10 days ahead. My wife is flying to the states for her sisters wedding so I have my 18 month old daughter alone for that time! I hope I survive... wish my luck!

Thanks! All of you. And thanks to Kickstarter for giving me such brilliant opportunities to raise funding. Great website! Love it.


Debra Carty
Deb Stone
Niamh O'Donnell
Farah Azalea
Oisin Prenerville
David Brennan
Terry Whittingham
Elliot Kotek
Victoria Charters
Trevi Productions
Donal Black
Paul Quinn
Paul McGrath
Gavan Murphy
Damien Donnelly
Jennifer Hegarty
David Wolstencroft
Jason Butler 
Trampas Thomspon
Dan Gaynor
Brendan Leech
Emily Best
Holly Perkins
Cara Konig-Brock
Varda Hardy
Gwen Fearon
Paul J. Gitschner
Fiaz Farrelly
John Burton
Samantha Boylan
Noel Prendiville
Kyle Jaracz
Doen Vozov
Don Reilly
Tadeusz Cantwell
Hugh O'Conor
Morgen Sarpeshkar
Simon Gregory
Leigh Ann Danzey-Bussell
Roger Hudson
Erick von Schulz

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