Monday, July 04, 2011

5 Years Old.

My blogiversary passed with incident or fanfare! I guess I forgot all about it with all that was going on over at  Kickstarter! Sorry Blog!

5 Years Old!!! As of June 28th.

I started this blog just after I completed 'Emily's Song' in 2006 and have since charted my accomplishments, failures, hopes, disappointments, dreams and nightmares! It's been interesting for me to  look back over it and see ideas come to fruition. Reading an entry where something is sort of mentioned and knowing that was the day I came up with the idea, then there's the script, cast attached, the shoot, the film, festivals, distribution deal signed, awards, TV broadcast! It's been a fascinating journey. It's still as tough as it ever was I still have as many struggles and doubts. But if I'm ever in any doubt that it's possible I only need to looking back over these pages and know it is.

I hope those who visit have enjoyed the blog and continue to enjoy it. It will be interesting to see what new films and adventures appear here over the next five years! Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading.

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