Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I've got a think about old mills.

Busy this week getting back on track. Been a little distracted of late. But I think things are on track again. Derelict is shaping up. I still have some work to do on the new draft and new angle, but a couple of weeks should see that right. Richie and I took a drive to Dunleer, a small village just outside Drogheda to look at a mill he heard tell of. Turns out it was a great place, we had a good look around and it certainly had potential. Might be a little small. But could work if push came to shove.

Atmospheric buildings.
In an attempt to build some momentum, get some buzz going and get some much needed funds in, I am launching a new Kickstarter drive! I've been working on the page for the last couple of days. I uploaded a pitch video which contains a location scout of the afore mentioned Mill and three scenes from the rehearsal we had a few weeks back, so some interesting stuff in there. The page goes LIVE this Friday! And I begin another drive to raise $3000 (about €2000).

Location Scout in Dunleer

It will go a long way to help getting the film made. The thing about Kickstarter of course is that if I don't raise the money I get NOTHING! NADA! ZILCH! That's right - Not. A. Penny. Even if I get £2999.99, they wont release the funds and no one will be charged (that's another thing, if you pledge the money doesn't come out right away, it's on hold until the full amount is raised) Anyway, yeah so - nothing! 
But I kinda like that. It's a good incentive. I found with IndieGoGo, where you get the money right away, there were too many charges and a huge amount was shaved off a small amount. This way is like saving up.

Checking out the Mill Wheel (still in operation)
So that's this Friday, 20th. Then the blitz begins!

I hope it's success. I've given myself until mid-night on June 30th. I figure that's enough time to be annoying people. Also, from experience, it takes a long time to get the money from America to here. Last time it took me two whole months! (Banks just Suck!) So I've given myself enough time before we shoot. Which, by the way, is still set for the start of September.

So more news and links on Friday. Stay Tuned!

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