Saturday, May 07, 2011

A Fine Figure of a Day

I woke up Thursday morning to an unexpected email. It was from someone who had attended my fundraiser a couple of weeks ago. They explained that they had a wonderful time and were encouraged to see that such things were happening in the town, which was nice to hear.

The person went on to say they were involved with a local organisation (who have asked to remain anonymous) that sometimes help people like me, people trying to do something creative, constructive and generally positive in the community. So they wanted to make a donation toward the film. Great!

I called them right away to thank them and we set a meeting for that very afternoon. So I popped down to their office just after 3pm and met with the lady who emailed and the director of the association. We chatted for a little while and then they handed me a sealed white envelope. I thought it rude to open it in front of them. I kind of wish I had! My gratitude and enthusiasm might have been more!

I went straight to my bank to deposit it. I opened it while in line expecting to see an amount somewhere in the region of €100 to €200, I almost fell over when I read the words - one thousand euros and zero cents, and just to confirm I was reading it wrong, the figure €1000, in the small box on the right! Couldn't believe it! You could have knocked me over with a feather!

So between 10am and 4pm that day I had an email, an offer, a phone-call, a meeting, a donation and a cheque for €1000 in my bank account! Thank you very much indeed anonymous donor! You've basically given me one fifth of the budget I had in mind and got Derelict a huge step closer to production.

It certainly is encouraging. Not only because the film is that much closer to production, but the fact that people I don't know are paying attention to my work and have enough faith in me to make such a generous donation. It's a boost for the film and a huge boost for my own moral.

We are on the way!

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