Friday, February 04, 2011

Going For A Song.

Sorry for the delay since last I posted. I've been busy on things other than Derelict! Among them a Kelly Family reunion (first time all my Uncles and Aunts, 12 in all, have been altoghter in 35 years) I got roped into doing the photo slide-show, so that took up a few days! I didn't think putting together a slideshow could get so complicated... or maybe I just made it that way!

There are a couple of screenings coming up for 140. On Tuesday 8th it's screening in Shebeen on George's st. in Dublin as part of the Shebeen Flick series of Irish films, loved and unseen! Hosted be Fernanda Parente. I'll be there for a Q&A (hopefully with some of the other filmmakers). It's free in and all are welcome, so pop in if you're in the area.

Next is the Drogheda screening at the Droichead Arts Centre on Stockwell St. Screening is at 8PM on Saturday the 19th and again I'll be there for the Q&A. Plus some pints afterwards in the local no doubt! Looking forward to that, two years since I came up with the idea it'll be nice to finaly screen the film in my hometown!

Derelict News:

I'm happy to announce that Tim Hanan has join the crew as Script Supervisor, Dave O'Sullivan as Production Assistant and Behind the Scenes Videographer and Eddie Quinn on Continuity. I also have a couple of runners lined up but need to interview and comfirm that. And still plenty of important positions need to be filled - Sound Recordist, Lighting Technician, AD, Production Manager, Art Director, Costume and Make-up Artist. I'm sure we'll get there!

I'm still working on the new draft of the script. But should get that out in the next week or so. Also still looking for a main location. Started thinking outside the box, derelict buildings are proving to be difficult to come by, strangely, so thinking of new and empty buildings, factories, churches and abandoned building sites in the middle of nowhere! We'll see, I'm sure something will come up... a location manager would be nice too now that I think of it!

Fundraising too needs to be looked at. I honestly haven't put too much thought or effort into it, just been distracted really. So I need to get on that. Will most likely hold a benifit concert of some kind, comedy perhaps, music no doubt, a raffle, perhaps a table quiz or something similar. Might even have a car boot sale, god knows I have a ton of stuff I could sell. Years worth of baby clothes if anyone's interested?! Films, mags, book, clothes, posters and much much more... all going for a song ;)

But things are moving forward at least! So that's good. Hopefully more news and announcements soon.

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