Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Contradiction in Terms.

(Derelict Cast - Clockwise from top left: Michael Bates, Kieth Ward, Gerry Shanahan,
Steve Gunn, Brian Fortune, Elaine Reddy, Rory Mullen and Andy Gallagher.)

We had our first cast reading last Saturday in Filmbase. Read through the script and had a discussion afterwards. I think it went really well. Everyone got on, seemed to click and enjoyed the reading. Of course the glaring problems in the script jumped out at me - as they do! But nothing detrimental. I was delighted that everyone was so involved and had alot of ideas themselves, good ideas that I will incorporate into the next draft.

I would usually spend months, even years working on a script before I would let anyone read it, that's if I'd even let them read it! But this is the first time I've taken a first-draft to a bunch of people and just laid it all out there. It was quite refreshing. Admitedly, this draft only took 3 nights to write, so it probably could have been given at least one more going over (especially for typos! Sorry guys!) But in saying that, the fact that it was so raw gives everyone a chance to be involved right from the start and to help in the growth of the story and their characters. I like this approach.

After a two and half hour meeting I came away feeling confident, excited and eager to get writing again -but as yet I haven't had the time! Why is it when you're busy people suddenly want you?! Everything is quiet for 3 months and now, two months out from shooting my first feature film, everyone's calling me looking for favours! I shouldn't complain really. After all, I'm asking a whole bunch of people to work for free for me. Karma. You give you get. (But I'm still secretly praying I'll get out of the Indies some day soon!)

Still lots to do. First, to work on the script and then meet again. But I still need a location, backing, lights, sound equipment, sponsorship of one kind or another - bottled water and food would be a good start! Any supermarkets reading? Want a credit on a film?! Hotel would be nice for cast and crew. D? Scholars? So, plenty to be getting on with, all while I try to write, produce and direct...

This is now the hard part of Indie filmmaking, the Doing Everything. The One-Man-Show part. This is where I need the most help. As the writer and the director I really should be concentrating on those two things so the film can benefit from my undivided attention, but it's not a luxury I have. I just hope I'm as good at time management as I am at daydreaming... bit of a contradiction in terms there! Such is the film business!

More soon.

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