Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Derelict Diary: New Entry

Day one of the new year on Derelict. The shoot is scheduled for the end of March, 23rd to April 1st to be precise, with a weeks rehearsal beforehand. I'm putting out a crew call. The positions available are:

1st AD
Production manager
Lighting Technician
Sound Recordist
Make-up Artist (including special f/x)
Script Supervisor
Costume Designer

Other positions may open up but at the moment I want to keep the crew as small as possible, given the nature of the shoot itself. There's no need for a bunch of people running around.

1st AD, essential position in my view! It would be nice to get someone with experience to wrangle everyone, keep an eye on the clock, make sure everyone's doing what they're supposed to be and are where they're supposed to be! (I've had some experience of disappearing cast and crew! I think because it's no-budget people sometimes feel as though they can take it a little bit easier, hang out, have a laugh - but if anything it's the opposite!)

Production Manager, again experienced manager to look after contracts, insurance, locations, budget (if we get one) etc.

Sound Recordist, possibly the most essential part of the whole thing. This is going to be cheap, on the fly, bare bones, I know the performances will be good and I know we'll be able to capture them, and with some style, but this film will fall flat on it's face if the sound isn't good.

Make-up, plenty for one, maybe two people to be getting on with. Lots of blood. Also a bit of prosthetic work and blood f/x.

Script Supervisor, another important role, someone to keep an eye on the script is essential. We're going to be shooting in long takes, I'll need someone to keep an eye on things, make sure we're heading in the right direction and be on hand to nudge us back should we loose our way.

Costumes, it would be nice to have someone think about costumes for the actors. At this level it's often just what the actors have themselves and charity shops. But it would be nice to have some thought behind it, someone to create cinematic looks, strong silhouettes etc.

Runner, might be more then one place here. This is a position for someone who likes helping, getting their hands dirty, doesn't mind slogging it, running here there and everywhere at a moments notices. You'll be doing everything from running for teas and coffees, to carrying gear, to making phone calls and driving people around (own car and full license a major plus).

I've had a few emails already. So I'm going to go through everyone and then I'll see where we stand and start building the crew. But please, if you're interested get in touch. The positions are unpaid, this is a labour of poverty... I mean Love! There simply is no money, experience aplenty, but no money. So click on the contact button on the right or email me at derelicmovie(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks.

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