Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Spot the Difference.

A couple of things that bothered me in 2010 was of course waking up one morning to find out that Ridley Scott was making a film with the exact same premise as 140 and that he was premiering at Sundance sight-unseen even though they had rejected 140 a few months earlier!

Another incident was when I had been developing a premise for a new take on the Cú Chulain legend. I thought it could really work well, and was different to anything I had heard from anyone else who wanted to tell that story. Then another production company announced they were making it with almost the exact same premise. This has happened me before. I know I wasn't ripped off. I didn't tell anyone about my idea, it's just one of those things. Annoying nonetheless.

But the thing that probably irked me the most was when the new Sky HD campaign was launched. The one featuring the big furry blue monsters "The Spenglers", you know the one.

5 years ago Thomas and I had been developing a script called Puca (you'll find it in these pages) It was about a boy and his imaginary friend, Puca, a large furry blue monster. Not too strange, I mean Monsters Inc. has a furry blue monster. But there was something really familiar about these monsters. So I did a little digging, went back through some designs and emails to a certain company and discovered that the same company I spoke to about make our big furry blue monster suit was the very same company who made the Spengler suits! Check out below, see if you can see why I might find this particular incident irksome...

My Design:
Their Design:
Similar? No?

Ah well, no point letting these thing annoy me. Happens I guess. On ward an upward. I have enough to be getting one with this year. Will be interesting to see what ideas of mine people get to before I do though!

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