Thursday, April 08, 2010

It's all Kicking off!

As you all know 140 is complete and heading off into the world, with a great entrance, a World Premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival. But this is at a crucial stage. Now, more then ever I really need to get behind this film and push it to keep the momentum going. This is the part were so many films fail, the filmmakers run out of steam, energy, enthusiasm and of course - Money! I'm not short on energy or enthusiasm, but money is something this project never had, just alot of belief from 140 filmmakers who had never met before. I'm asking you to have the same belief, and help get this film out to the public, into festivals, theaters and seen.

So I've set up a Kickstarter account. This is a site were folks like me can pitch ideas to raise funds for their projects. It's not for nothing mind you, apart from supporting this film, you also get rewards for your pledge: T-Shirts, DVDs, Posters and more. So if you want to help then head on over to The 140 Project on Kickstarter and check it out!

Promoting a film is a timely and expensive business on your own, I've done it before! I will use the money I raise for essential things needed to help get 140 seen. First advertising, print: Posters, fliers, postcards, presskits. Then DVD duplication to get the film to festivals, journalist and anyone who can help spread the word. Also festival entry fees, they can add up fast! There are specialized tapes needed for screening at festival Beta SP, Digibeta, DVcam etc. they're usually quite expensive, especially if converting to other regions. Some will go toward travel expenses, I will need to be there on occasion to talk about the film, tell people about it, and make sure they know what it's all about. This will also be important as I will use this opportunity to talk about and recruit other filmmakers for my next project, an extension of 140, called The 140 Nation, where I want to set up 140 filmmakers in every country to shoot a 140 for that country - 140 USA, 140 Canada, 140 France and so on... but that's a whole other thing!

I've taken 140 this far, but now I need your help to take it the rest of the way! Thanks so much! You support means everything.

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