Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome to the 140 NATION.

First On-Air interview for 140 this morning at LMFM, a radio station here in Drogheda that cover the entire North-East of Ireland, broadcasting to upwards of 300,000 people I believe! Eek! If I had have known that before I went on I might have been a little more nervous!!! - Probably not though, Daire Nelson always makes me film welcome and comfortable. It was a short interview, but great to start getting the word out and nice to talk about the film. hopefully it's the first of many! (I will be posting a recording soon - stay tuned!)

I've done some new designs for the 140 logo, the flag design (pictured above). I will be making it available on the T-shirts soon, one for each of the 23 countries that took part in the film. It has also reminded me of the idea I had to continue the 140 project and I suppose I can announce it here for the first time!

I want make a 140 film in as many countries as possible. I want 140 filmmakers in every country to shoot a 140 film for that specific country - 140 USA, 140 Canada, 140 Australia, 140 France and so on. A huge undertaken, yes, but I think it good be fun and interesting. Obviously Impossible for me to do it alone, especially if we can organise a global 140 day, were each of the 140 countries shoot their footage on the same day... can you imagine?! With 195 countries in the world that could potentially be 27,300 filmmakers shooting at the same moment worldwide! How mind-bogglingly awesome would that be!!!

To do it I would need to set up one producer per-country to do exactly what I did for the original 140. It would be their job to recruit from their own country and then co-ordinate and edit the footage, or at least work with an editor. I would set them up with a process plan, press kits, designs etc. I would over see it as the main producer to keep quality control in check!

To be quite honest I'm not sure this would be possible without some money. It's a huge commitment to the main producer involved, we're talking 6 months of nearly full-time, day to day work. Recruiting is difficult, getting the clips in is fun, but hard to chase people down and editing takes a lot of thought, time, you also have music to consider (It would be a great opportunity for local indy bands to get in on the action and get their music out to the world - that's what I did)

So that's my idea for the future of 140. It's in it's early stages, and still may of may not happen, but there it is. I call it 140 NATION © Frank W Kelly 2010.


I also want to give a shout out to a young and talented actor and Drogheda-man, Colin O'Donoghue, who recently landed a role in the new movie The Rite (based on the Matt Baglio book), starring alongside Anthony Hopkins. I've been acquainted with Colin for a few years and always thought he had what it took to become a star (That's why I was always getting him to read my scripts!) he's an exceptional actor. Well done Colin and best of luck!

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