Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Looks like I'm going to be attending the 140 World Premiere after all!!! Thanks to the efforts of my co-producer Elliot Kotek and the generosity of many of the 140 filmmakers. I hadn't planned on going, there was just no way I could afford it, especially as I already had a family trip planned to another area of the states and I had to pay for a NTSC conversion of a digibeta (€211!) So any further plans were out!

But as it happened Elliot had plans of his own and he wasn't taking "No" for an answer. While I was a way from the computer for a day he set to raising the cash for my trip!
Along with the fundraiser on Kickstarter for the promotion of 140 I've just been bowled over by how generous people have been lately... especially in these continued difficult financial times. So thank you all.

So that means I'm starting to get excited, and nervous! I usually have more than a week to psyche myself up for these things! While I tend to look calm on the outside, I'm usually freaking-out on the inside! Especially at screenings! And this one is a big deal, not only do I have to hope the audience like it, but the filmmakers too - none of whom have seen it yet!!!

Then it's on to Denver and a screening with the Denver Film Society at the Starz Film Centre! Which is fantastic. I mentioned that I would be in town, with the film and with the possibility of doing a Q&A and they said yes! So April 29th, 7pm, Starz Film Centre Denver, if you're around, come on down and say hello!

After that, on to Bozeman Montana for a screening in association Hatch Fest (who of course held a special preview screening of the unfinished movie back in October 2009) at a yet tbd time and place! I'll post details when I know more.

So it's going to be something of an American Tour!!! Not really, but... you know - sounds good! I guess it's a tour of the West! California, Colorado and Montana!!! Places I've wanted to see since I was a kid. I'm manage California a lot. Been to Montana once now. But Colorado is a first, so really looking forward to it!

Meantime, catching whatever time I can with Thomas to work on the new draft of Iscariot, that's going well. We're hoping to finish in time to enter the Nichol Fellowship, late Deadline being May 1st. Honestly, with the premiere now, it's not looking good... but we'll give a lash!

And lastly, If you're interested in helping support 140 your donation would be hugely appreciated at the Kickstarter page! Thank you so much!

More soon! I promise to post pics and vids from the America trip, when I get the chance! Should be loads of fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget, you'll be spending the better part of a day driving through Wyoming, too. :)

Frank Kelly said...

Oh yeah!!! Cool!