Monday, April 19, 2010

NO Celluloid Journey may be the case!!! I hope not, but the giant ash cloud over Europe means all flights are still grounded this Monday, and looking likely to be grounded until Wednesday at the earliest! I fly out on Thursday - I hope!!!

The Volcano has already directly affected me in one small way, I had planned to see Philip Pullman talk in Dublin on Saturday, but he cancelled because he couldn't fly. I was disappointed, but it was no big deal compared to what might happen in the week and weeks to come.

It may have a much greater affect on me. Aer lingus are cancelling flights on a day by day basis, they had planned to fly today at 1pm, that was extended to 6pm and may be extended as far as Wednesday. Depending on weather and wind that could go further. If it does I'm going to miss my flight to the Newport Beach premiere of 140! After how much effort everyone put in to get me there it would be a real let down! But I guess I wont know for sure until Thursday morning in the airport bags in hand! - And if flights do go on Thursday, following the week of delays, the Airport is going to be absolute chaos!!! A very cramped, emotional place!!!

If it extends any further it may ruin further plans for our family vacations! After Newport I'm meeting my wife and daughter elsewhere in the states, at a central location where her parents, sister with her husband and kids and best friends are all flying to meet us. Flights and hotels are booked. So if we can't make it, it ruins the plans of all those people... not to mention costing a fortune! And considering it's been over 2 years since my wife has been home, and it's the first time any of her family will meet our daughter, it could be extremely upsetting for all involved!

Hopefully it will clear up soon, or at least a gap in the cloud will open. I guess looking on the positive, better to be safe, and if stranded, better to be stranded at home and together!

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