Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recent Activity

Here's a recent Article from my local Newspaper, the Drogheda Independent, giving a mention about the Newport Beach Film festival Premiere! Great, always a little moment of pride when the local paper picks up on your work!
Also, received my 140 T-shirt from Cafe-press this morning, it's great! I love it!!! Nice quality fabric and the logo came out great! I'm excited! I'd recommend one ;) You can show all your friends how cool you are if you buy one!!! I have to admit, the profit margin on these things is miniscule, I won't be getting rich! But I thought it'd be a fun and cool thing to have and make available - and it is! Very happy.
Any other news... the fanpage is tipping 1,400 fans! Which is great! I've started a new thing, each day I'll mention a new 140 filmmaker and link to their website, so if you become a fan and check in each day, you'll find out more about the talent involved. And there's a lot of talent there, believe me!

Away from 140 I've started a new project with Elliot Kotek (once again) and photographer Scott McDermott. It's quite different and very unique. And it's got one hell of a cast list!!! I'm really excited about it. It's going to be good, but I wont say too much about it yet. We're just getting started and we have a few lose ends to tie up - watch this space!

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