Saturday, October 03, 2009

4000 miles

140 screened without a hitch at Hatchfest this week. It was quite nerve wracking on the day, even though I was 4000 miles away! Still, the idea that an audience anywhere was about to sit down to watch it was a scary prospect! Still, reports suggest they liked it thankfully!

(Some comments after the screening)

In other news, I'm back on Nationwide. This time with Slán agus Beannacht, my much delayed short film. It will be part of a piece about the man who inspire the film, Bosco, my old rent collector who was taken off the streets a placed in an office after 35 years of doing the same route. Sad really. Tune in at 7 on the 7th to hear his story and see some clips from the film.

I'm also holding a screening of the film on October 16th, 8pm, Boyne Books in Callan Artat Callan Art thanks to Mark Kearns, owner of Boyne Books, who is providing the space. Mark has been great, he has kept my Old Shoes and Broken Walls exhibition hanging for two months and provided the space for a recent Bill, For Short screening. Everyone should go down to Boyne Books and buy books from him today, he has a very unique selection of Irish history, literature and poetry - well worth a visit.

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