Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Week So Far

It's been a busy enough week. Didn't touch 140 after the Hatchfest screening, kinda needed a break, but I'll get back on it for the final run in. Should be finished in a couple of weeks. Then I can explore dates for the premiere. I'm thinking late November.

Tomorrow night Slán agus Beannacht features on Nationwide (7pm RTE), should be interesting. The piece they did on Bill, For Short was nice, so I imagine this one will be interesting too. Bosco's a great guy anyway. He was down here yesterday with a photographer for a newspaper article. I'm not sure what newspaper. It's a piece by a freelancer who's going to try to sell it to the Star, Herald or Mail... so we'll see - will post.

I set a date for the Slán screening, October 16th, for cast & crew and guests. I'm not sure if there will be further screenings for others to see the film. I'll post if so.

Not much else going on. Looking at editing a documentary about a man who ran around Denmark with a ladder on his shoulder for charity. Just looking at the footage now. Wondering how I might carve out the time to cut it. Might prove impossible, at least this year. Has potential though.

Night is still on the back burner. We've given it to our wives to read, check for typos and any minor or major plot holes we may have missed, and basically to get a general reaction before sending it into the world.

Meantime here are a couple of new items: Piece today on IFTN and an interview I did with 140 filmmaker Kellie Ann Benz for her blog, The Shorts Report.

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