Saturday, September 26, 2009

140 is Hatched

140 is getting it's first sneak peak screening this Thursday, October 1st at 5pm in Bozeman, Montana, USA, as part of Hatch Fest!

This is an exclusive sneak peak at a rough cut of the film. While 85 minutes long it is not yet finished. It's close. But I still have some clips to include, music to add, sound mixing to do and editing to finish. That's not to say I'm not happy with it as it is, I am, or I wouldn't be screening it!
I'm excited to be screening at Hatch, it's a festival I've been keeping an eye on for a couple of years and I think it's a good fit for this project. They seem to encourage and support new and diverse filmmaking. I'm only sorry I can't attend - and being as Bozeman happens to be my wife's hometown it makes our inability to go all the more disappointing. But I'm looking forward to hearing how it went. I hope we pull in a good audience and I hope they enjoy the film.

I will continue the cut soon, probably next week sometime. I expect some more clips in, some more music and I'll get down to a good sound mix and start trimming the fat. There were a couple of little things i wanted to do for the film but I ran out of time, things with the credits and some graphic stuff. I'll be able to get all that done for the premiere, which will hopefully be late November/early December time. I'll keep you posted of course!

Frank out.

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mackb said...

Hi Frank,

I'm very excited to hear the progress on 140 is going well. I can't wait to see it. It's almost tempting to make the 10 hour+ drive to Bozeman just to see a sneak peak, but I think I'll hold off and try to be patient.

Starting to think of Premiere ideas. Not sure if it'll be large or small scale yet.

All the best.