Wednesday, September 09, 2009

It's late.

The edit is going well. Getting complicated and little tricky now though. Mainly because of the different types of files .avi .mov .mpeg .mv4 and so on. So lots of converting, and a hell of a lot of rendering, which slows the process down to no end.

My hard drive is also filling up fast. I feel like I'm in a leaky boat bailing out water - Hence the loss of the Night pages two nights ago. Luckily enough I remembered the scenes pretty well and managed to rewrite them in a short space of time.

Well, this cut is going to be rendering all night, so better go to bed. Or maybe I should give my computer a rest and render tomorrow while I write.

Anyway, that's Wednesday down. 13 days to personal deadline... will I make it?! Tune in next time kids to find out in an all new episode of "Frank edits a feature length film in two weeks".

That's all for now.

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