Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Back up Back up Back up

Always back up your files, and not just in one place, on your hard drive, an external hard drive, a disc, email it to yourself. I just lost a latest version of Night, and with it a scene we had been working on for a week. Admittedly the loss is not as bad as I had first feared. I thought I had lost all summer's work, but it was just a weeks work and one scene. Still, it was a bloody hard scene with a lot of nuances that are going to be hard to remember. Live and learn.

In other news, 140 is in full edit. It's coming together nicely, I'm happy with it so far. The opening sequence came in at 1.40 minutes, which was not planned! Must be on the right track then!

I'm still absent music, so will have to temp track and record my own stuff for now. Hopefully I can find someone soon, someone reliable! In my experience very hard to come by on the music front, which is why I've always done my own music.

So I'm concentrating on that entirely. With an aim to be finished entirely in two weeks from today ready to mail to Hatch Fest. Have no doubt. I'll make it. I have no choice. Nothing like a fire to get you moving!

More new soon.

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