Thursday, September 10, 2009

Must be morning, because 'Night' is finished!

Well, we did it, 2 and half years since the idea was first mentioned and 14 months of sporadic writing, Thomas and I finished Night today.

It was a surprise, especially after losing a draft, having to write another new scene and figuring we would have to rewrite the ending, which as it happen we didn't, we thought there would at least be another two full days in it, if not more. But no.

The scene today was fun to write. It was something really old school, as the entire film is. Taking it's ethos from 30s and 40 s American cinema. Giving the audience something plenty to figure out, revealing only what's needed and no more, not being gratuitous with the action (although you might disagree if you read it!) giving the characters a dark and sinister past which is never entirely revealed, except in tantilising morsels.

I have to admit, there were times when I thought this script would never get finished, and I'm sure all the people who are waiting for it probably thought it too! I remember talking to people last summer about it, thinking it would be finished in a couple of months! One summer later, and into Autumn, here we are finally.

Tomorrow is for typos. Next week is for family members. The week after - trusted friends and then it goes out into the world and we begin the journey of trying to get it made. So hopefully this blog will be full of news on that front.

140 is going well. Last three days were long edit sessions, until 1.30am each morning. Writing today gave me a well earned rest so I can go back to it tomorrow with fresh eyes. I'm working on separated sequence, when they're done I'll out them together in an over sequence that works and begin pacing for the over flow.

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