Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Music Box!

Busy day today, this morning began with a trip to the music store to buy a mic jack for my computer. My dad and I took the opportunity to jam a bit on the Lowdins and Martins - nice!
Then home to begin recording the music for Slán agus Beannacht, the final step in getting the film completed.

A disaster!

It started with a slapstick scenario the likes of which Laurel and Hardy would have been proud - tangled leads, mic stands knocking over stacks of books, tripping over a stool, getting tangle in headphones... after the slapstick came the technical - the computer would not pick up the mic, no matter what I tried. After 45 minutes I finally got it working - only to find it was recording at a very low volume. I adjusted all the levels, but it was no good. Anyway, decided to record - wasn't happening! Too low with a really bad hiss. So I gave up. Will try again tomorrow.

The afternoon and evening went much better!

My friend Mark called in to have a look and the grade and sound mix on Slán (he had seen the previous version) and agreed it was much better (thanks again to Rob Mullen and Mairtin De Barra for the sound links). So I was happy about that. Once the music is done I'll lock it and start organising the premiere and the getting of it out into the world.

This evening was a screening of Bill, For Short in Boyne Books. It went really well, a small crowd of about 20 people turned up, it was a small enough room and they filled it up nicely, kept it intimate. We watched the film, the behind the scenes and a poem and visual piece Marc put together, inspired by the film, which was really nicely put together. The film got a good reaction. It still amazes me how, for such a cheap and quickly made film, it connects with and moves people.

Marc is now talking about putting together a short film night with films from the area, which would be great. So hopefully there'll be more news on that soon.

Got a couple of 140 clips in today too, which was nice, so they're still coming in thankfully! Hopefully I can start thinking about the edit soon. I'm aiming to screen at Hatch Fest in October, so hopefully the late clips wont cause us to miss that opportunity! Keep 'em comin' guys, keep 'em comin'!

That's all for now, more news soon.

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