Sunday, August 16, 2009

That's a Lock

I'm happy to announce that my third short film Slán agus Beannacht is locked.

I finished the music in the couple of hours I had free while waiting for the Nationwide crew to arrive last Friday. As you may have guessed from the previous entry, below, I was feeling somewhat dejected about the music. Nothing was gelling. Nothing was right.

But then I played something very simple and familiar to me, some chords I've been messing around with in one form or another for years. I recorded them and listened back. While listening, I sang the lyrics from the previous song in my head - they didn't quite fit - but I found that if I cut the sentences in half - without losing the meaning - they fit perfectly.

So I recorded the new chords, with some complementary chords and picking laid on top and some synth strings over that and then sang the new lyric atop that and from all that came a very sweet, honest and fitting song for the end of the film.

I dropped it in and by some uncanny coincidence it fit perfectly, I mean time-wise. I didn't time it out at all. I figured I might have to fade out at the end, but I didn't - the final note was struck on the final fade out - spot on. It was meant to be and so it stayed and that was it. Done.

Something of a coincidence too that the Nationwide crew showed up an hour later to conduct the first interview for the project! Nice bit of promotion to begin with. Plenty more to come. Now begins the festival run, and I do mean to push this one out into the world. Hopefully it will find a home, as the last two have done. But first the premiere, a local screening and something of a party I think!

Happy days indeed.

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