Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Today was spent grading Slán agus Beannacht! At last, didn't take as long as I though once I got stuck in. So that's finished now. All I need are some sound effects to fill it out in place and the music, which I will most likely compose and record myself... it's cost effective!!!

Evening writing sessions on Night from here on in, just like the old days. When Thomas and I would write while he was working he would call in on the way home, usually around 8pm and we would write until 10 - 11. It was great, I am definitely a night writer. I tend to slip into the Vampire hours, which I enjoy. Those days will probably be gone soon!

So he's due in soon and we're going to write till mid-night, 20 pages or so to go. Looking forward to it.

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