Sunday, April 05, 2009

Day Two

Day two of shoot is done. Another successful and fast day. This morning we shot in McHugh's pub - thanks to TP McHugh for use of his pub, much appreciated! The scene took about an hour and half. Then lunch and then we went down by the river to get a couple of shots, the main character Pat having his lunch and then out along the old canal to get the penultimate and the final shots of the film... little bit of trouble there, the battery for the lens adaptor died unexpectedly! So we could get the final shot. The shot we did get were beautiful I must say, I was very happy with them. So we're going to go back out on Tuesday to get the final shot. I hope we have the weather we got today! It was beautiful. I would have happily stayed out there all afternoon in the sun. 

So another early day in the can, or on the tape I should say. I was happy with everything, would have been nice to have gotten that shot, but these things happen and can be fixed, so wont lose sleep over it. 

Eoin McLoughlin came down with JJ to help with the lights and take some stills, nice to have him down, he helped with lights on Emily's Song during some pick ups. 

One of the highlights was Maryann's Chilli! That was good! Everyone seemed to really like it anyway! Maryann has been great though, a strong support and great with the meals and just being on the ball with the little things I tend to forget, like the main props for two scenes on the first day! 

Tomorrow we have a late start and full afternoon. I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do for the Mrs.Smith scene, where the actress and location class with dates, but hopefully tomorrow I'll have it sorted... not sure what I'll do instead if it doesn't work out. 

This evening was spent just thinking about tomorrow. Shots lists, going over storyboards and getting he costume change right in my head. There is no costume department, everyone is just wearing their own gear, but as we're shooting out of sequence I do have to keep reminding myself of what's been worn. 

Anyway, time for bed. Here are some photos on Monday's shoot. Enjoy.

Sue and Maryellen on location in the Dale.

Eric, Connor, Shane and Andy in the Dale.

Rory Mullen as Liam, waiting for the set up.

Setting up in the dale, Saturday afternoon.

Crew gets set up for the tunnel scene.

All photos by Maryann Kelly. 

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