Monday, April 06, 2009

Day Three

OK, this will have to be a quick post - After a long, tough day, I've just had to redo tomorrow's schedule and shot list so I'm a little tired and need a rest! 

Today went well, we got a lot done, considering the weather, which was appalling, rained all afternoon, never let up. Of course we were working outside. I thought it was going to be handy, considering we were filming outside my house, ended up being the hardest day so far.

Late call and a late start due to weather, but as it wasn't letting up we decided to shoot anyway. Switched the shooting schedule around to suit make-up and weather. Shooting the person with no make up first from inside their house on all their scenes over three days, then reversed. They were Noels scenes, his first full acting experience, he did really well, he came across great, I was delighted and relieved! I was happy, good start.

Then we did the first of Mrs.Smith's scenes, played by Ann Russell. I didn't realise but her and Paschal are old friends, the did a play together for a long time, so that was great. She gave a great performance as a fiery Aul-wan! 

Then the weather just got ridiculous, it started pouring rain. So we abandoned ship for warmer shores... coffee and cookies courtesy of MAryann, who I must say was brilliant today. She started the day being the runner and umbrella holder, then shifted into chef mode and then in the dogsitter mode, georgie was out the back going berserk because she couldn't get in. 

We then did Gerry's scenes. He was playing Charlie, a nasty vile character. He was brought a lot of lovely little quirks to the characters and captured perfectly what was on the page and brought a lot more besides, had us all in stitches. Very happy.

The weather calmed down so we shot the last of Mrs. Smith and Pat and then wrapped for the day. Soggy, but happy. 

Because of the delay on the weather we decided to leave a couple of masters for tomorrow. 

Tomorrow is going to be a tough day I think. I'm hoping that we'll get the weather, because I really want to get the shot that we missed on Sunday. Then we're back here for 4 missed shots today. Then we're in the council offices, that's where it gets complicated. Although I gave a lot of time for everything, and we've ended up shooting fast and getting scenes done quickly, I was not as generous with time here, simply because I knew we didn't have the time. So know we have to squeeze all of that into one evening and I have a feeling there are going to be come people on our backs to get moving. I hope it goes well, I wont feel good about it until we're out of it.

Well, that's tomorrow, today was a success and to celebrate I'm going to have a beer and watch some TV with my most amazing and patient wife!

Some more pictures soon.

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