Saturday, April 04, 2009

Day One

Hard to believe, but Day One is at an end! And what a day it was! Went much quicker, and dare I say it - easier than expected! Very fast, very precise - there was no messing around, we got stuck in and everyone involved was very focused and very in tune with what we were trying to achieve. 

In the morning we set out at 9:30am approx. I thought we would have a difficult shoot up until 1pm, perhaps even pushing it to 1:30pm, but it was fine, I knew what I wanted, as did JJ, we got what we needed, and more and finished at 12... right as it started to rain really heavily -  the timing was eerie! 

I was happy with the performances, everyone did a great job. Paschal and Shane were pitch perfect with there characters. Eric brought what I thought he would, something honest solid and convincing. I was impressed and Surprised with Andy and Connor, who came on very last minute. 

Connor has never acted before but was great, showed a real ability and presence and brought his character to life with energy and enthusiasm. 

Andy, a seasoned pro! Having starred in Gangs of New York no less, brought something unexpected and very special to his dialogue free role. He gave empathy and humanity to w a character who was written as background. By doing that he  became the character who will come away from this experience most scared and changed, if not redeemed - it was something I had not written and is entirely his own doing, just by the actor he is. He'll be someone I'll be eager to work with in the future.

Paschal captured everything I hoped he would. The scene we shot this morning was near the end of the film, and near the end of this character's journey, at the point where he stands to lose everything - it being the first scene, having only met his co-stars 30 minutes before and not had any time to rehearse the scene, except for the few minutes before, he gave an honest, beautiful and sad performance. I was extremely happy with it.

We shot from 9:30 to 12 and then had lunch. Rory arrive at 1pm and at 1:30 we went to the next location, the Dale. It's a common hang out for teens, usually of the trouble making sort. Luckily it was empty when we got there, we managed to get a couple of shots in and then they started to arrive to spectate. 

They decided it would be fun to make as much noise as possible and to walk into frame whenever possible. Thanks to JJ for framing them out of shot and to Sue for capturing the sound as best she could, between them they gave me enough to cut together. Among other things the little bastards got up to was throwing a stone that landed right beside the lens case and starting a belching contest when we asked them nicely to keep the noise down.

It makes me wonder what people like that think when they decide to do this kind of crap. Probably they think it's funny, or amusing, but why does it happen around film, I mean - do the go into stores and through stones at the person behind the checkout, or do they go onto building sites and belch while people are trying to put up dry wall? If I were to interrupt their game of football buy steeling there ball every 5 minutes, how would they feel? If I were to go into their place of work and wreck whatever it was they had just done, making them have to do it again, how would they feel? Not good I'm sure, we then do people feel it's OK to wreck a take, to interrupt my work, cost me money and waist my time and the time of everyone on the crew, people who are just doing their job and want to get home on time but can't because some moron decided to honk their horn and now we have to reset and do everything again... I don't know!

Sorry! Rant! 

It wasn't too bad, as I said we got enough to cut around it. And we got everything we needed in about 2 hours, which was great, so we finished at 4pm! Nice!

I had some stuff to figure out afterwards, juts getting the script in my head in terms of costumes, what clothes on what days for what scenes! Bit of a muddle! But it should be fine. I had a bit of a wonder to relax, browsed some DVDs and Books and then had some dinner before meeting Paschal for a few pint and a Michael Collins whiskey, which seem to becoming something of a tradition! Fun, but hard work! I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow! Luckily, thanks to an audition Paschal has to do we have a lie in on Monday!

We still have much to do, and with one of the location having just fallen through for Monday night I still have some things to figure out. 

I'm sure tomorrow will go well and it'll be another straight forward and quick day... I hope so at least - well, when I say straight forward and easy I'm leaving out the part where I have to act!!! I'm playing the bartender! I left it too long to cast anyone so I have to step into the clumpy boots! Jeez I hope I don't make a balls of it!!!

Well, seeing as I have to act and direct tomorrow I suppose I should get to bed! More tomorrow hopefully, with photos too, I have them, just have to upload them!

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