Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Found Money.
Found Make-up Artist.
Found Mrs.Smith.


3 days to go and we are on track for a good shoot. Hopefully things will keep going smoothly. I have a few minor things to fill the next three days. Some costumes to buy, double of shirts for Paschal for when he gets beaten up. I have to meet Ann Russell tomorrow to talk about Mrs.Smith and Shane and Andrew Gallagher to talk about the gang and go through scenes. 
Ann Russell. Click for full CV.
Ann Russell

I also have to make two kinds of fake blood. Something quick an easy using washing liquid and red food dye for general use and the good old golden syrup mix for face and spitting etc. Will probably do that on thursday. Also have to buy all the food for the shoot. That'll be thursday too. 

Friday I have to go to Dublin and pick up the lights from Visual Impact Ireland (formally Digirent) and then get back in time to meet Paschal, who's driving up form Cork. I'm looking forward to meeting him. 

Being up against it over the last few weeks, and being in many situations that I felt uncomfortable in, where I would have rather walked away, I could have used this piece of advice: When you're doubtful, anxious, worried or afraid about something, ask yourself - What would you do if you weren't afraid? Therein lies the answer. 

So easy to look for the easy way out, or spent waisted hours and days trying to figure another way around the situation. If you're honest with yourself you know the answer, if you take fear out of the equation, it's really very simple.

Well, best get some sleep, long day tomorrow again. Need to get sleep while I can... probably wont have any for a week come Saturday!

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