Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Universe is Reading.

Ask and ye shall receive. It seems the Universe was listening... or at least reading! 

Thomas called yesterday about Night, wanted to organise a schedule to get back to writing it.He must have been reading! Not like him! I'm not sure what we can do yet, hopefully something. Perhaps even email writing, we've never done it before but it seemed to work well when I was working on Adam with Caroline Farrell. We'll see. 

We also talked about breathing life back into Puca, but this time as an animated film. I think it work work well, how we would do it is another question entirely. But we can apply for Frameworks funding and see how we go from there.

I decided to email JJ rather then wait, figuring he would be too busy himself to think of it. I was right! He is busy. But we managed to lock down some dates for shooting Slán Agus Beannacht, which is great news. So we're aiming for the last of March, start of April - 30th to 3rd. 

So I'm back on track with that, a deadline always helps! So I have actors to cast, locations to find and money to raise! I will keep this blog updated as I go. 

I can announce that three actors have been cast in smaller roles.

LtoR: Shane Murray Corcoran, Noel Kelly and Eric O'Brien. 

Noel is my brother, so a bit of nepotism there! ;) Shane and Eric of course appeared as Ralph and Fintan in Emily's Song, so I've always been looking for something to do with them again. 

So exciting news. A new film on the horizon. A new story brought to life. In two months I'll be on a whole new journey. 

More news on Cast etc. as it comes. 

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