Monday, January 26, 2009

Seven Houses

I've begun work on two new ideas. A new feature script and a new documentary feature, following on from themes I explored in Bill, For Short - and inspired by the reaction from audiences and the connection people found, and seemed to be hungry for. I've decided to explore the idea further. I'm still not sure what angle to take, but I have a few ideas.

The feature script came from a conversation in emails with a friend about golf! From it sprung an idea for a screenplay... not necessarily to do with golf mind you! But we'll see. I think it could be a good script.

S&B and Night have stalled again. Been waiting since before Christmas to get S&B going and since June last year to finish Night. It's just not happening on either, and it's due to the fact that the other people on the projects are simply too busy. They're great guys and great workers and all exceptionally talented and I know they want to get them done, it's just unfortunate they're so busy.

In saying that, if I got a call today from either with the desire to move forward of course I will. Theirs no ill will on my behave, just a simple desire to get these films made, rather then sit around with a script and head full of ideas. But as it stands I think it's time I cut my losses and got back to my own stuff, stop waiting and spending energy on something that's dead in the water. 

Been thinking a lot again about Ghoster and coming at it from a different angle. Again, a lower budget way of attacking it without having to rely on people who are too busy to commit. There are ways it can be done. I've thought about doing smaller before. But was advised against it, for fear it would effect the over all quality of the piece. It took that advice, and it had a great effect. The film doesn't exist. 

I had hoped to shoot Ghoster winter past, and I think I probably could have if I had not allowed myself be distracted by greener grass. I'm fed up of this hop scotch way of working, jumping to a from script to script because one goes a little stale. As I've learned from the films I have made, you need to stick to one thing to get something done. If I'm building seven houses at once, and the guy next to me is only building one, come winter guess who's going to be warm and dry?!

Anyway, I guess another way of getting things made is to stop blogging and start working! So I better do it. I also have to prepare for  the workshop on Wednesday. A couple of the kids from the school came to the exhibition on Friday... we'll see what happens!?! 

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