Friday, January 23, 2009

Just The Tip

Just in from the opening of the exhibition. I must say I think it went very well. Nice turn out. People seemed to enjoy the images and the film. Ed Gordon gave a great speech, which people seemed to enjoy and I sold a few! 

I think I touched something in people with this exhibition, so many people came up to me with stories of Fathers, Uncles, Grandfathers, Grandmothers who work in these factories. I think I have only scrapped the top of the ice-berg on this on, and I may have to dive deeper to find out what really went on behind these walls.

It was a great night in all and I'm glad I did it. 

People to thank: 
Noel Kelly and John Lawlor for helping me make Bill, For Short (the short film we’re going to watch later) which led to this exhibition.

The Drogheda Borough Council and Create Louth for sponsoring the event.

Marcella Bannon, Tony Conaghy and all here at the Droichead Arts Centre for their support and this space. 

Fran and Denise Caffery at Kodak Prints.

Ed Gordon for taking time out to come down and open the exhibition.

My Mother, Father and Lorraine, my friends and everyone here for attending and of course -

Maryann my wife for her continued support, belief and patience. I would not have made Bill, For Short if she hadn’t pushed me and these photo’s would probably still be hidden in a folder on my computer if it wasn’t for her.

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Graham McBride said...

Frank I want to see all your images have you an online gallery so with you movie I want to view it any way you could send me a link... Noel was saying you cant put it on youtube is there another site you could use that was hiding from others... all the best G