Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dodgy DVDs - Terrible TVs - Bad Borders

Building up to the exhibition now, Friday here we come! A few last minute arrangements to complete and of course last minute cock-ups! What an event be without the last minute cock-ups! 

One: The dvds I burnt dropped frames, so it's skipping like crazy at the end. 

Two: I don't have a TV set that can register the final freeze frame in the film without shaking. 

Three: The framer put the wrong colour border on all 20 of the photos. 

Four: I just found out that the wine is not inclusive in the fee! 

But that's OK. I think I know what the problem is with the DVD and the projectionist assures me it can be dealt with, and I trust him implicitly. I'm sure I'll find a TV set tomorrow, if not, well, I guess people will have to put up with a shaky image, not ideal, but thems the breaks. The framers owned up to his mistake and rectified it immediately so we're back in business and I picked up the photos today with the right colour border, they looked great and i'll be going back there for business! As for the wine, well, I guess a few extra quid wont hurt at this stage.

It has cost more then I had anticipated. I figured that the councils cheque would cover half. After everything it covered about a third. But I should have guessed that would happen. There's always something unexpected that crops up. Always figure it'll cost twice what you put down and you should be safe! 

Ed Gordon
But I'm looking forward to it. Ed Gordon has agreed to come down and open the exhibition for me, so that should add something special to proceedings. My brother Noel, who appears in the film is quietly freaking out at the prospect of 100 people looking at him on the big screen and is having cold sweats daily! I feel he may make a run for the pub before the screening happens - I might be joining him! 

More after the proceedings and hopefully more news on other projects soon.

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