Thursday, November 27, 2008

Should be good!

Some news at last. 

Looks like Slán agus Beannacht might be going ahead. I've had some very welcome interest from an old friend, the producer of Emily's Song no less, to do something creative again. So we're trying to sort out dates at the moment and hopefully we can coordinate our schedule for a week to shoot. But it's looking good. 

I'm about to start casting soon. I'll be putting the word out and looking for actors. So I may have a new film to waffle on about sooner then I thought!

In other news, and away from filmmaking for a second...

I recently received funding from the Drogheda Borough Council to mount a exhibition of my photography! So many thanks to them, go to to find out more about opportunities with them.

The exhibition will be called:

"Old Shoes & Broken Walls"

It will consist of 20 pieces of my photography, depicting  images of dereliction, looking at the crumbling remains of a once thriving industry, that existed only two generations ago and serving as reminder that we should take stock and appreciate what we have now, as it may all lie forgotten and in ruins soon after we're gone.

As part of the exhibition I will also screen Bill, For Short.

More news on all that as it comes. I'll be keeping a regular production diary for Slán agus Beannacht, hence forth to be scribed as SáB! Saves the fingers you know! And I will include podcasts about the process! Should be good.

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