Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Moving Forward

Slán agus Beannacht moves forward. 

I'm sure the impending holidays will slow it down some, but not to worry, perhaps I can give some actors the present of a part come Christmas Day!?! Who knows!

A casting call has been sent out, with quite a few responses in a very short space of time, which is promising. Dates yet to be set for shooting, effecting auditions and rehearsals of course . But I'm hopeful for February/March time. If so I'm hoping to have a cast together in the next 10 -12 weeks and be rehearsing right away! Will this be possible? I have no idea! But I'll give it a lash! 

In the meantime I have some re-writes to be getting on with, just to get the script the best it can be. I'll continue casting. Storyboards will keep me busy too for the next while. I have to sort out locations, most should be fine, it's mostly exterior, but there are a couple of logistically complicated interiors.  I also have to work out the schedule. And although I'm asking everyone to work for free, because there is no money, and probably wont be, I would still like to find some from somewhere, for whatever unforeseen complication might arise. Where? I have no idea!

From the limited experience I have I'm sure nothing will go according to plan and it'll be a whole lot more stressful, complicated and expensive than I ever imagined... but that's filmmaking for you, and I'm just excited to be doing something again. 

For now, Slán agus Beannacht is in the lap of the Film Gods! I hope they like it and treat it well!

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