Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pale Stone Podcast Episode 7

Welcome to the last part of the Trampas Thompson interview!

As I mention on the podcast I am also running a competition in this podcast.

Just name the movie the above picture is from, where Trampas played a Zombie, and win that movie on DVD. The first email with the correct answer to wins.

And just make sure you were listening! I also want you to tell me the name of Trampas' company with which he developed a new fire gel - and... as if that weren't enough! What part of his body did he set on fire for the first test?

Thanks for listening. I hope everyone who tuned in enjoyed this interview. I'll be taking a break from the interviews for a bit while I line up the next guest. In next weeks podcast I'll talk about my experience making my two short films, Emily's Song, a €25,000 budget short - and Bill, For Short, a no-budget digital short - and I'll talk about the difference between both, the advantages and disadvantages and what I learned form doing them so differently.

Thanks for listening. 

See you next time.

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