Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Boy with the Stone

The website is up, but still under construction, so I'm not going to send you there yet. In the meantime here's teh new logo. The silohuette of Paleston, the boy with the stone. Paleston is a character from an epic adventure story Thomas and I have been working on for years... but more on that and who Paleston is another time.
Not much has been happening on the movie front this week. We did get invited to another festival, Edmonton Film Festival in Canada. Leeds was this week and aparently it was a big success and by all accounts Emily's Song was well liked, nice to hear. We were just sorry we couldn't go, but I had to buy two new Beta tapes for screenings in Germany and Australia and send them off today, so that's where my money went!
Work on "Insomnia" is going well, I'm thirty pages in and of course it's getting bigger then I had first planned, I always do that! Can't help it I suppose, I see it that way and to avoid doing it would just be avoiding how I write... and it wouldn't be as much fun.

OK, that's enough for now! More later. Hopefully the next post will have a link to the finsihed website. In the website will be a link back here so keep checking back to either for updates. Until next time.

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