Friday, April 27, 2007

Welcome to the new website folks. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will continue to do so. I'll be updating it as often as possible and updating this blog every few days... and yes Conor, I will start using my spellcheck! thanks to Dan Gaynor for bulding the site. Excellent work. If you like the site and are in need some work done yourself then look him up, you can contact him at Click "Mush" on the links to find his website and links to his illustrations and comic art. Thanks Dan.

No news on the movie front at the moment. Eveyone I know seems to be jetting off to Cannes and every second email is asking me if I'm going or not. I still don't know. I would love to bring The Race over and try to find that ellusive deal, or at least some people how would be will to help us get it made. But of course it's cash! I know had some around here somewhere, but I seem to have misplaced it. Could be lost in the fungus like DVD collection, ever increasing in the corner... it's an afflication, I can't help it.

We have begun re-write on our short script PUCA, which is not on the website yet, but hopefully will be up soon. We're making a new funding application with some new ideas and a script that goes deeper into the themes we touch upon in this draft.

You'll notice on the side bar here some names; Mush, Tramp, Barley Films, they are links to the websites of friends of mine, all good guys, all great websites showing some amazing work. With cool stuff from comic art and illustration to animation to stuntwork they are all worth checking out.

Some news on Nevermore, the producer who was looking at it passed. Too bad. But that's ok. I think perhaps I sent it out a little prematurely as I have a few changes I want to make that will make it an altogether different, and better script. So it's probably a good thing he passed. I wouldn't wan tto have gone ahead on the draft I have.

So Oberhausen next week, I'm excited, four days in Germany at europes largest and most prestigious short film festival. Martin Scorsese, George Lucas, Roman Polanski, Alexander Kluge and Werner Herzog, and more recently Ulrike Ottinger, Romuald Karmakar, Pipilotti Rist, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and François Ozon have presented their first films at this festival. With 6,500 entries 147 films were selected from 43 countries, we were one of three irish films selected. So it's pretty cool!
Expect a full report here in a couple of weeks.

Meantime it's back to the plaestone (Yes conor, I stole your joke!)

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Koopgirl said...

Good update, nice post... you've got a great attitude, and it's one that will take you far, both in film and in life.