Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ablevision Film Complete

Joe & Sarah
The Ablevision film 'Joe & Sarah' is complete. I finished the edit this week. Then a sound mix, music and grade. I'll go back in for some tweaks before the premiere, I got the final music mix after I was finished, which I do want to put in, because it's good! Dermot O'Mahony pulling it of the bag again! But it's as close to finished as you can get. I'd be happy enough to sign off on it now, but while I have the time I figure I can make it that tiny bit better.

A challenging, interesting, enlightening and highly enjoyable experience. One which I would definitely repeat and recommend any other filmmaker to do the same if the opportunity came their way. In fact, if you are interested in getting involved and offering your services to Ablevision, you should drop them a line via the website: great group of people and a great opportunity to do something different.

The premiere of the film is part of their own film festival, the Ablevision Film Festival, taking place on May 17th in the Droichead Arts Centre in Drogheda. It's an all day event, a mini-fest of sorts, with workshops in the morning, screenings in the afternoon and an award ceremony to finish. Tickets are only €2 and you can book here.

One of the talks will be by yours truly. I've entitled the talk 'From Script to Screen Without a Bean: Secrets of no and low budget filmmaking' and I'll talk for an hour or so on how to get a film up and running when it seems impossible. It will be aimed at first-time, independent, student and amateur filmmakers. Come along if you're able.

Some Images:

Daddy's none too pleased!

Has Joe made the right decision?

A helpful stranger.

Out in the cold.

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